Ultimate '80's Rock quiz

the '80's, the time of parachute pants and knight rider. it was also the time of rock n' roll that kicked your ass. bands like van halen, judas priest and motley crue performed hit after hit and didn't let anyone stand in their way! not the fcc, not disgruntled parents, and certainly not people who didn't liketheir music. their crazy riffs and long guitar solos made all our jaws drop (as well as quite a few pants)

Do you know your '80's rock?! do yout think you know even the smallest amount of trivia about any '80's hair metal?! PROVE IT!!! right here, right now, i wanna see what you know about '80's rock. so get to it, and you better get a good score, if you don't, you're worthless!

Created by: Orlando
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3. complete this lyric "Don't stop.....
...running, the cops are right there"
...until i say"
4. "war pigs" was by.....
what the hell are war pigs?
Black Sabbath
5. complete the lyric "everybody says she's lookin' good, and the lady knows it's understood...
...by all"
6. who performed "talk dirty to me"
the anti-nowhere league
7. Motley Crue performed all of these songs exept...
shout at the devil
beast and the harlet
kickstart my heart
live wire
8. Sister christian, performed by night ranger, was about a member of the bands....
aunt susie with the mole on her face
school teacher
9. who was the lead guitarist for guns 'n roses
james hetfield
justin timberlake
10. what color(s) was eddie van halen's famous guitar
red, white, blue
black, purple
gay pride colors
red, black, white
11. the drummer for what band lost an arm in a car accident?
def leppard
quiet riot
twisted sister
12. which of these songs had one of the greatest guitar solos of all times?
cars (gary newman)
freebird (lynard skynard)
love shack (the b-52's)
jump (van halen)

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