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Isaberr said:
Jul 1 '16, 2:28PM

I watch the movies, play the card game, read the books and I only get 21%? Most of these questions are irrelevant, if you enjoy the game or the cartoons then you can learn whatever you want. I dont have to be a pokemon expert to know I love Pokemon.

hurrcan said:
Mar 12 '15, 6:04PM

This is not fair I don't like Pokemon after the III gen. This should be abot gen I only

Brock_oli said:
Jun 5 '14, 6:31PM

This test is a bunch of nonsense, none of these questions matter or anyone would know

pikachew said:
Nov 11 '12, 12:10AM

@pikachu9303 you know everything except how to spell.

Dark22978 said:
May 8 '12, 11:45PM

Aww i got 21%

sephiroth said:
Jan 4 '12, 4:33PM


pikachu9303 said:
Nov 9 '11, 9:56PM

100 percent of courde i am the ultimate girl pokemon master seriosly i know everything

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