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Created by: Jeremy Tominack
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1. This Weekend was the Biggest for the Box Office so far this year, with 3 movies earning over 30 Million. Which movie came out on top with 53 Million?
Lego Batman
Fifty Shades Darker
John Wick 2
Fap and Furius 90
2. What Lisa Gardner Novel debuted this week and dominated the NY Times Combined Ebook and Print Fiction Bestseller List, knocking off 'A Dog's Purpose.'
AWOL on the Appalachian Trail
Right Behind You
Hidden Figures
3. Maxim Magazine placed this epic Paul Newman Hockey movie at No. 1 on its List of Top 100 Guy Movies. The Sequel, No.
Bull Durham
4. What State has the Most shoreline, including lakes, in the United States?
Rhode Island
5. This Star of the Oscar Nominated Film, Fences, and winner of 2 of his past 6 nominations, admitted this week on Jimmy Kimmel that he sought revenge on the Academy for losing one of the Awards by stealing an entire platter of shrimp from the after party. Well done, sir.
Kevin Hart
Denzel Washington
Orlando Bloom
6. Warren Buffet just dropped 900 Million of stock in this giant company that has been struggling to compete with Amazon, signaling the death of retail as we know it.
Adam and Eve
7. Buffet he claims his life was changed by reading 'The Intelligent Investor' written byBenjaman Graham Business Professor at this Ivy League School located in New York. The one closer to the coast than its NY counterpart.
8. Despite resembling Smeigel from Lord of the Rings, Jeff Sessions, a former Senator for this Gulf Coast State was sworn in as Att. General on Feb 9 2017
9. James Hetfield was Livid after technical problems botched the performance of this Hard Rock Band at the Grammys last week.
The Lumineers
Old Guy blowing into a Jug
10. This 1980s Rocker with hits like " I want a new drug" and "Hip to be Square " was featured this week on CNBCs SquaukBox for investing small and waiting five years before paying off. His quote, "Hang on for a little bit and keep your powder dry for a while." Clearly a reference to baby powder.
Don Henley
Billy Joel
Bruce SpringSteen
Huey Lewis
11. This Sports Film accurately Predicted the Indians use of an underpaid roster to resurge its dormant franchise, the rise of Caribbean players in the Majors, Willy Mays Hays demonstrated the future Emphasis of On Base Percentage and the movie showed CHarlie Sheen is capable of fame despite being a criminal. What Sports Movie is this?
Major League
Air Bud
Bull Durham
12. This Actor and co-founder of the Digital Defenders of Children spent this week testifying at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Human Traff---ing and was roasted on the Floor by John McCain, who told him 'You're Better Looking in the Movies."
Denzel Washington
Ashton Kutcher
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Burt Reynolds
13. Fox News Reported the Esteemed Republican, Kid Rock, is exploring a Senate Run for this US State that has the Second Most Total Shoreline, including lakes, behind only Alaska
14. The Land of Ten Thousand Islands is a wildlife refuge located in this contenintal US state. They were the setting of the Carl Hiassen Novel Native Girl. Despite the name, the Islands number only in the hundreds. Where are they?
15. With the Exception of Rogue One, this Australian born Oscar Winner composed and conducted the Music for the all of the Star Wars movies with the London Symphony Orchestra? He too, unfortunately, is now a Disney sell out since they sucked up the Franchise Rights.
Mark Hammel
Quincy Jones
John Williams
George Lucas
16. This Social media Site's Stock Sunk and CEO Jack Korsey stated that an increased user base and being a platform for breaking news has not translated to profit.
the Onion
17. This Veteran Actor played the owner of Hercules in The Sandlot and Portrayed the Activist writer terrance Mann in The Field of Dreams
Morgan Freeman
James Earl Jones
Anthony Hopkins
Bill Murray
18. What type of Russian ship, known as an AGI, was reported by nearly every News Network to be looming just 60 miles from the Coast Line of Delaware yesterday, causing folks to remember Delaware even exists? This was Followed by a Russian Cruise Missile landing only 200 yards from a US Navy Destroyer.
Spy Ship
AirCraft Carrier
A sunken One
19. Trump makes many Bogus claims on Twitter, hut, he was completely accurate and was fact checked by The Washington Post when he said the death rate of this occupation had surged 78% nationwide from July 2015 to the Election of 2016.
Airline Pilot
Trump Tower Staff
Pipeline Worker
Police Officer
20. The Grateful Dead personified the attitude of the North California Coast in the 60s and 70s, and in 1978 released what great album that included Fire On the Mountain, I Need a Miracle, Good Lovin', and one of their Top Singles from which this Album also takes its Name
WorkingMans Dead
Hell in a Bucket
ShakeDown Street
Yoga to the Dead
21. With Novels like Savages and Kings of Cool, this American Author shows the gritty underbelly to the SoCal lifestyle and the increasing strength of the Mexican Cartels control of the region. His best may be Power of the Dogs, though it focuses more on the DEAs War on Drugs in Mexico and ganglife in New York. Who writes these critically acclaimed books
JK Rowling
Stephen King
Marlon James
Don Winslow

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