the man united quiz

there are many man u fans but only some are real fans so hope you did well best of luck supporting the club bro so yeah hope you have done well bye bro

are you a winner for man u so good luck finger crossed u did well please leave a comment hope you did well please play more of my quiz please bye bro see u

Created by: Luke O'Reilly

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  1. man u top signing this year is ?(im sorry i cant spell most surnames)
  2. who was the best man u manger
  3. last year who was the top goal scorer
  4. where did man u come in the priemer league in 2016
  5. who used to hold the top goals scored record before ronney did
  6. who is man u hate the most
  7. who is last years manger
  8. who scored for man u from the halfway line
  9. did ronaldo play for man u
  10. did u enjoy

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