the lodge quiz 101

some people say they keep up to date with the lodge and they love it so much but hoe do you realy know how much they like this show so take this quiz to your friends and teachers who know about the lodge do you think they are a lodge expert or faker at everything lodge

are you a lodge supper fan how much do you know about the lodge well know you can know how much of a fan you really are in a few minuets and a few clicks you can find out

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  1. what is the name of the theme song of the lodge
  2. who dose sky first meet
  3. what special talent dose kayllie have
  4. who hits skye in the head with a ball
  5. who whants to buy the north star lodge
  6. who dose kayllie like at first
  7. who kisses sky after the race
  8. who is skyes best friend in the city
  9. who dose sky date in epsodes 1-5
  10. how dose ben find out how shawn and skye kiss
  11. where dose the cast of the lodge go on there day off
  12. where is kayllie leaving too
  13. who shows up unexpected to the woods
  14. who is SJ

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