the idiots test

No matter how many times you try you are still smart.Some people dont have the guts to even take a quiz because they are scared they will fail.At least you tried with all your might instead of refusing to.

Either way a genius or not ,you were still brave enough to take this quiz.If you failed dont be upset because the test was just for fun .The first time you do it you wont understand. But if you think it through it will seem easy.

Created by: angel

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many fingers do you have in all?
  2. Find The Mitsake 12345
  3. What is 2+1
  4. Are you an idiot?
  5. Is chocolate or vanilla ice cream the best ?
  6. Which month has 28 days
  7. How hot does the sun get?
  8. What holiday is the best?
  9. What is yellow and pink make ?
  10. what was the first ? i asked ?

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