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here is a what gender are you quiz (i messed up the name of the quiz and gotoquiz wont let me fix it lol) this also includes several non binary identities. i am a person of science and a non binary person i noticed a lack of rational ideas or quizzes for gender

and the specific non binary identities so here i am. weather your here for fun or genuinely are looking for answers to your gender identity you came to the right place.

Created by: Zane
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. so lets start off with questions on dysphoria/discomfort, do you have it on a scale of one to ten?
8-10, extremely uncomfortable with my biology, considered or even try to cut off parts of my body, or have become so uncomfortable with your sex that you have consider killing yourself from the pain alone
5-7, very uncomfortable, not suicide uncomfortable, but have consider cuting off parts of my body and i do want to transion medically
3 or 4, kinda uncomfortable, may or may transion medically, i do not want to be the gender i am
2, slight discomfort and/or loose connection with biology
1, no discomfort, happy with what i got
it changes
4. what lower parts do you feel you should have?
full functioning man parts
man parts dont really care for full functioning
nothing but a hole to pee from
full functioning girl parts and all
not full functioning girl part
5. how do you want chest?
feminine chest
flat not really masculiine nor feminine
somedays i want a bust other days i want flat
at most size A bust
i dont care
6. what facial features do you wish you had
masculine, jagged and adams apple
femine, smooth, defined lips
attrabutes of both feminine and masculine
it depends on the day
i dont care
7. body figure shoulders, hips curves, muscle ?
i want masculine broad shoulders, muscular,etc
feminine hour class figure, curves, butt, etc.
can i look the shape those allien blowup dolls at carnival games/not masculine or feminine
i dont care so long as i am healthy
8. voice?
feminine, motherly, saprano
masculine, manly, scruffy, bass
androgynes, confuse people
somewhat both, wide range, alto/tenor
9. your fashion, hair, style?
short hair and male clothing
long/medium hair and female clothes
short hair female clothes
long/ medium hair and male clothing
i like my hair long and short, and i like male and female clothes
i dress androgynous/ whatever feels comfy
10. how is your social dysphoria, how do you want others to see you
male and manly
male but an effemynate guy or flamboiant
i dont want to be seen as any gender
a feminine lady
a tomboy or butch female
i want to be seen as both or confuse people
11. what pronouns so you prefer?
12. so now daily life questions, first what restroom do you use or prefer?
whatever is there/ no preference
it depends...
13. are you in touch with your emotions?
yes , probably a little too much
yes, enough to relate to others feelings
as much as anyone else i guess
not much
14. science shows that male and females have different brain structures, it also applies to transgender people have brain structures that matches their identity if you could see your brain would it look more like a female brain or male brain?
female brain/half way female brains (for transwoman)
male brain (also applies to transmen)
most likely between male and female
it wouldnt look male nor female nor anywhere between
15. what mannerisms do you have are they more masculine (examples girls swing their arms while guys dont and guys sit with their legs apart and girls dont )
more feminine mannerisms
more masculine mannerisms
a bit of both
it changes day to day
16. how so you socialize what is your attitude?
i am more outgoing and i like talking, attitude is more kind and caring
i like to make memories with my friends and i like to roughhouse around, attitdue is more laid back and free
i like to chill out and hangout occasinally be a--holes to each other in good fun, attitde chill or hyper
a mix of these
17. where do you fall gender roles?
i do more female roles, cleaning, caretaker, shopping, looking beautiful,etc.
male roles, hard working, strong, tough, etc.
a mix of both
i kinda dont follow any gender rolls not because i try it just happens i dont fall undernength any gender rolls
screw gender roles
18. what gender do you tend to hang out the most with
gender non conforming people
all over the board
19. now for preferences. would you rather be strong and tough or beautiful and charismatic
strong and tough
beautiful and charismatic
average with all sounds good
20. choose a color (not on your favorite, but on the symbolism )
red for femininity
blue for masculinity
purple for a mix of both
green for the inverse of purple/inverse of both genders
21. preferred tv genre?
comedy and/or action
romance and/or drama
anime and/or documentery
family friendly/i dont watch muxh tv
22. would you rather go on a camp out or a spa day
can i do both
how about neigther
23. would you rather go to the mall or play with fireworks
both or neigther
it depends
24. what are you are you studying and/or want to study?
STEM subjects ( science, technology, engineer, math)
arts/fine arts
social sciences
25. what is your favorite morning activity ?
watching the sunrise or being outside taking in nature
relaxing in peace or meditation
26. pick a quote
life is too short to be afraid of what if's, life is too short to not try because someone else said you can't, life is too short for excuses to limit yourself
i am more than what you see
without darkness there is no light, without evil there is no good
there is no greater weapon in the world than a man's pride
your better off hated by many for being yoursel, than almost being liked for something aren't
a life well lived is a life lived for others
27. mow for questions about childhood what toys did you play with?
dolls, dancing, and dress up ( girlly things)
cars, sports, and video games( boy stuff)
legos, and coloring books
play outside, and bikes
a mix of different toys
28. what kids did you tend to play with?
gender non conforming people
a mix of everyone
i didn't really play much with other kids
29. how did you feel about gender roles as a kid?
i hated girlly things and thread the idea of wearing a dress or skirt and i saw make up as stupid, i liked doing typical boy things
i didn't like getting dirty and roughhousing around like typical boy things, i did like girlly things and evem wanted to wear dresses and look pretty
i wasn't much for gender roles in fact i wasn't girlly or boyish
i liked be rough and tough like typical boys but i wasn't not bound by gender roles
i liked girly things like looking pretty but i wasn't bound by these gender roles
i liked mix and matching gender roles
30. now to questions on how intense you experience gender. how in touch are you with femininity or how female do you feel
i would consider myself completely female and i am fairly feminenine and i am happy that way
i would say i am mostly female at least emogh to call myself a girl and i have a loose connection with my feminity and a loose feeling of being a girl but still a girl
probably half female i still feel strongly in touch with my femininity just not enogh to say i am a girl how ever i do feel partly like a girl
i feel somewhat in touch with femininity but not enough to consider myself a female
little to not in touch with my femininity, enough to say female is not part of my idenity
31. how in touch are you with your masculinity, how male are you?
i would consider myself completely male and i am fairly masculine and i am happy that way
i would say i am mostly male at least emogh to call myself a boy and i have a loose connection with my masculiinity and a loose feeling of being a boy but still a boy
probably half male i still feel strongly in touch with my masculinity just not enogh to say i am a boy how ever i do feel partly like a boy
i feel somewhat in touch with masculinity but not enough to consider myself a male
little to not in touch with my masculinity, enough to say male is not part of my idenity
32. how separate from male and female do you feel, how strong do feel you should have no gender?
i feel 100% genderless i am neigther male or female
i feel mostly genderless i still feel some connection with male or female but if i had a choice i would still choose a genderless body
i feel like being genderless is part of my identity but isn't the whole part
i feel genderless enough to disconnect me with being fully male or female but i still identify as some gender
i feel completely gendered
33. do you feel like you are somewhere between male and female?
yes i feel right in the middle
i feel in the middle but slightly disconnected from both at the same time
i really just don't care what i am
i feel in the middle but more male leaning
i feel in the middle but more female leaning
no i dont feel any where in between
34. does your gender change?
i changes from one thing to something entirely different
it changes but not in extremes it just kind of fluxuates
it fluxuates but not enough to change my idenitity each time it changes
no it is constant
35. how does your gender feel
loose, not complete
i feel like 2 at the same time
it feels like a mixture
feels ever changing hard to settle on one
non existant
full and complete
36. how do you hope others will see you as?
as no gender
both male and female
any and all genders
... human
37. what gender do you hope to get?
38. hugs farewell
... really?

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