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There are many fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. People who have posters and wallpapers and join their fan club entering any competion of theirs....dying to meet them. Such devotion and knowledge of them is sometimes rare....

Are YOU a fan? Do you know them in great detail? Do you have the knowledge? Thanks to this basic knowledge, superb quiz you can now find out how devoted to them you are in just a few minutes!!

Created by: Bec
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1. What is Ashley's middle name?
She has none
2. Are they right or left handed?
Both left handed
Both right handed
Mary-kate is left and ash right
Ash is left and mk right
3. What is their natural colour hair?
Strawberry blonde
Ash (with a bit of black) blonde
4. Do they have siblings?
Yes - 3
Yes - 2
Yes - only 1
5. What colour are their eyes?
6. When were they born?
June 13 1986
July 13 1986
April 5 1987
September 7 1984
7. When did they start acting?
8 months old?
2 years old?
6 years old?
15 years old?
8. What was their latest film?
A day in New York
Chaos in New York
New York Minute
Look out New York
9. Where do they live?
New York
Los Angeles
New Jersey
10. Are they fraturnal or identical twins?

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