The connected academic

In a connected, web 2.0 world there is a new type of academic emerging - the connected academic who shares content, links to others and engages with new technology.

It's a scary and exciting new world out there - are you a connected academic? Take this quiz and find out. Warning: there may be a touch of bias in the questions.

Created by: Martin Weller of Ed Techie
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you blog?
Yes, regularly
Yes, but it's kind of dried up
No, but I have tried
What's a blog?
4. Do you share all your presentations via Slideshare?
No, they're mine
No, but now you've mentioned it...
Some of them when I remember
Yes, I think it's great
5. Have you got a Facebook account?
Yes, I update my status regularly
Yes, but I'm not sure why
Yes, but I haven't looked in it for ages
No, it's for kids
What the *%$ã is Facebook?
6. Michael Gorman says "A professor who encourages the use of Wikipedia is the intellectual equivalent of a dietician who recommends a steady diet of Big Macs with everything"
I disagree so violently I feel ill
That's not quite true
There is some truth in what he says
Hear, hear, well said!
7. An academic should create all of their course content
Yes, that's their job
I am happy to have the occassional journal paper
I like a blended approach
Why? There's tonnes of good stuff out there - guidance is the key
8. You keep your references in a social bookmarking site
Yes, and I keep track of others too
I've got an account but don't use it much
I keep meaning to
I keep my references in a perfumed box
9. You know who Stephen Downes is
Of course, Stephen references me regularly
He's that Canadian blogger, right?
No, did he go to Oxford?
10. You have experimented with Yahoo pipes
Yes, I love creating mash-ups
I have quite got around to it
It looks too techie
I have an Edwardian tobacco pipe, does that count?
11. You regularly use YouTube or Flickr for presentations
No, I have some lovely acetates from 1972 I still use
No, I prefer text
Yes, sometimes but I can never find what I want
All the time, have you seen the medieval tech support one?
12. When you create some good content, your first idea is 'how much can I get for this?'
Too right, content is king!
Micropayments will work, right?
No way, give it away, it all comes back to you.
13. You think open APIs are the only way to go
Absolutely, look at Facebook man.
Sometimes, but not always.
Don't care
API stands for Advanced Physics Institute, right?
14. You can't remember what you did before Google Maps.
I know, they're like mash-up central
I do find them useful occassionally
I cherish my printed maps
15. You regularly check your Technorati rating
Is this like the research assessment exercise?
I would do, but I don't have a blog
Yes, but I seem to be stuck on authority level 2
I'm addicted to it - I want to be in the top 100
16. When you need to find something out you check blogs/wikis first.
No, I have a lovely librarian called Sheila who gets all my references
No, I check journals first
I mix this with asking colleagues
Yes, the blogosphere is now my main source of reference
17. You have meetings or chats regularly via Skype or some such tool
No, we always meet in the Dog and Duck
I would do, but my university's firewall won't allow me
Yes, I conduct a lot of meetings this way
18. You listen to LastFM (or Pandora) more than you do traditional radio.
Yes, it's like my personalised station
Tried it, but I miss the DJ
I only listen to plays
19. There is at least one podcast by you out there.
Only one? I have my own show on iTunes
Yes, but I haven't really done more
No, but I'm interested
Will podcasts work on my gramaphone?
20. You subscribe to RSS feeds
Is this a magazine?
I did set up a Netvibes account once
Yes, but not many
I have more than 200 feeds I subscribe to

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