The blackmailer part two

This quiz should be taken after you've seen "the blackmailer part one " so head over to that one first. Enjoy!!! This quiz is about trying to find out who the blackmailer is

Previously, you have been blackmailed to go in the streets and embarrass yourself, make your best friend Carol fall in love and break them up. The blackmailer "Pandora" is unknown and you have had no clue what is going on. In this quiz you will figure out if Sabrina is the blackmailer.

Created by: Doobee

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  1. You met up with carol, Lacey and Sabrina the next day and you all got invited to Sabrina's party.
  2. 3 hours later, homework completed, you took a ride in carols limousine and you finally arrived . Lacey was there too, and the whole family was there too! So that meant your enemies were there, Lucy and chase. Unexpectedly, you checked the presents and one was signed to you! You knew you shouldn't be at the gift table, but you had to do something.
  3. You crept to the gift table when Sabrina kindly handed it to you. You opened it and found a note reading, " you"d better leave off with Carol, I have the photo right here and I could show it any minute now. Signed Pandora. -_-” You and Carol were about to leave when carol asked Sabrina, "if you were to prank someone, what would you do? " Sabrina replied "I would send them a MESSAGE " but still it was obvious it wasn't her, because why would SHE put a gift on the table if it's not for her? It IS her birthday after all.
  4. You and Carol each was offered a piece of cake and headed home in the limo. When you got home, you got a text from Carol saying, "shall we find out if Lacey is the blackmailer?"
  5. You met up with Carol the next day, and with a few other friends, and she came up with a plan to figure out if lacy is the blackmailer . Would you like to hear the rest of the story? To be continued, head over to "the blackmailer part 3" coming very soon in February.
  6. Please comment and rate, the more comments and the higher the rating, the sooner I will make the next part.
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