Test your mario party 8-10 knolage

Lots of people play mario party 8 9 10 but wonder how experienced they are this quiz is for true Nintendo fans and means you are either good at Mario party or not

Do YOU Know theese games as well as I do if you do will know as this quiz will tell you if you know this quiz properly and the answers to it you will ace Mario party games

Created by: Mrmario00
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1. Which group exists in mario party 8
Birdo Wario
Bowser jr dry bones
Boo dry bones
2. In mario party 8 the level u shoot the alians Is called
Alian shoot
Alians invade
Alian invasion
3. In mario party 8 there is a tent
Extras tent
Party tent
Mini tent
4. In mario party 9 which group exists
Mario boo
Mario petty
Birdo kooper
5. In mario party 9 which stage exists
Toad land
Dk jungle
Mario's park
6. In mario party 9 which minigame do u play hide and seek
Hide and go seek
Hide and seek
Toad and go seek
7. In mario party 10 which group exist
Mario dry bones
Spike waluigi
Mario boo
8. In which level do u bounce and knock people
Bounce,n brall
Hit and bounce
9. In mario party 10 how many prinsess's are their
10. Did u like this quiz
I want more

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