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ADHD affects millions of children, families and classrooms, yet most people do not understand what it is, why there is so much of it, or the many natural treatments proven effective. Take the ADHD IQ Quiz and find out if what you think you know is accurate!

So, are you an ADHD Genius? Do you know more than most doctors? Take the test and find out! The test is based on latest scientific evidence of ADHD, its causes and proven treatments from leading pediatrician Dr. Sanford Newmark's new book, "ADHD Without Drugs: A Guide to the Natural Treatment of Children with ADHD available at amazon and bookstores everywhere.

Created by: Susan McLeod of ADHD Without Drugs
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1. Which is often misdiagnosed as ADHD?
Learning Disabilities
Food Allergies/Sensitivities
Sleep Apnea
All of the Above
None of the Above
2. What common food additives have been shown by good research to make both ADHD and non-ADHD children more hyperactive?
Artificial Colors/Flavors & Preservatives
High Fructose Corn Syrup
3. Which of these is the single biggest factor contributing to ADHD-like behavior in children?
Poor Nutrition
Lack of Sleep
Poor Parenting
Inadequate Schools/Teachers
4. A sugar-laden breakfast is better than no breakfast at all.
5. Which supplement should all children with ADHD take?
Vitamin A
Omega 3
Vitamin C
All of the Above
None of the Above
6. Levels of which of the following minerals may be important in treating ADHD?
All of the Above
None of the Above
7. From an integrative medicine viewpoint, how much time is needed to accurately evaluate whether or not a child has ADHD?
15-30 minutes
45-60 minutes
1-1/2 to 2 hours
8. In addition to parents and the child, who should be interviewed (not just asked to fill out a questionnaire) in the ADHD evaluation process?
Spiritual Leader
9. If a trial prescription of Ritalin helps a child to concentrate better, that proves the child has ADHD.
10. If a child is on medication for ADHD, the child should stay on medication continuously.
11. ADHD is an illness contrived by the pharmeceutical industry.
12. A 2005 analysis of blood from the umbilical cords of newborn infants across the U.S. showed how many toxins present?

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