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Survivor U.S.A. by CBS has now been the talk of the workplace and home alike for 10 years, 20 seasons. We all like to show off are knowledge of this iconic show.

Too Cool For Words has put together a quiz that will allow you to see how you stack up against the world. Have fun and stop by often we will have ofter quizes in the coming days. Enjoy

Created by: Greg Cornetet of Too Cool For Words
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1. Survivor: The Amazon what 2 players took off all their clothes during a reward challenge for a plate of chocolate and peanut butter?
Jenna and Heidi
Janet and Shawna
Heidi and Rob
Butch and Joanna
2. Survivor: Borneo is the first season of the United States reality show Survivor what was the names of the tribes?
Chuay Gahn and Sook Jai
Tango and Cashui
Jaburu andTambaqui
Pagong and Tagi
3. Survivor: The Australian Outback who got a breath full of smoke and passed out, falling face first into the fire; his hands were completely burnt, which lead to being the first person leaving without being voted off?
Jeff Varner
Michael Skupin
Keith Famie
Rodger Bingham
4. Survivor: Africa the third season winner who is also a cancer survivor?
Ethan Zohn
Kim Johnson
Lex van den Berghe
Tom Buchanan
5. Survivor: Marquesas, The Marquesas Islands were initially selected as a backup location for Survivor. The original location was discounted as a result of the September 11 attacks and the political situation in the Middle East, what nation was to host survivor?
6. Survivor: Thailand only one player from this season was selected to the all-star show who was picked?
Brian Heidik
Clay Jordan
Stephanie Dill
Shii Ann Huang
7. Survivor: The Amazon the season is noted for having the first reality show contestant with a disability, hearing impaired, what was their name?
Alex Bell
Christy Smith
Butch Lockley
Rob Cesternino
8. Survivor: Pearl Islands This player chose to quit the game, claiming that his body was breaking down and his health was more important to him than a million dollars. Who was this man?
Ryan Shoulders
Burton Roberts
Andrew Savage
Osten Taylor
9. Survivor: All-Stars is the eighth season what major event did this season open after?
World Series
Super Bowl XXXVIII
Daytona 500
First Episode of "Lost"
10. Survivor: Vanuatu - Islands of Fire tribes were divided by what?
11. Survivor: Palau is the tenth season Tom Westman defeated advertising executive Katie Gallagher in a 6-1 vote to be the Sole Survivor what was Tom's occupation?
12. Survivor: Guatemala - The Mayan Empire during the family challenge this survivor ate chocolate chip cookies with milk and enjoyed an overnight visit with their twin sister Mindy, who is this survivor?
Cindy Hall
Amy O'Hara
Gary Hogeboom
Rafe Judkins
13. Survivor: Panama - Exile Island New twist each week at least one castaway is banished for the time period between the reward challenge and the immunity challenge on Exile Island. Who was the first to go to Exile Island?
Nick Stanbury
Tina Scheer
Misty Giles
Melinda Hyder
14. Survivor: Cook Islands survivors were divided into four tribes by what?
Material Status
15. Survivor: Fiji is the fourteenth season The winner, Earl Cole, was first winner selected by the jury with this distinction?
repeat winner
unanimously voted the winner
first loser to come back and win
over 65 years old
16. Survivor: China this survivor is a professional poker player, who is he?
James Clement
Michael "Frosti" Zernow
Todd Herzog
Jean-Robert Bellande
17. Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites How many survivors left this game without being voted off?
18. Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden who was the sole survivor?
Bob Crowley
Susie Smith
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper
Randy Bailey
19. Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands James "J.T." Thomas, Jr. was named the winner in the final episode on May 17, 2009, defeating this survivor in a unanimous vote.
Erinn Lobdell
Stephen Fishbach
Debra "Debbie" Beebe
Sierra Reed
20. Survivor: Samoa is the nineteenth season this survivor collapsed during the challenge; Jeff cancelled the challenge with neither tribe winning the reward, who was this survivor?
Russell Hantz
Mike Borassi
Marisa Calihan
Russell Swan
21. Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains first person voted off?
Rupert Boneham
Stephenie LaGrossa
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper
Randy Bailey

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