Star Wars Meme Quiz

Oh Boy!! I hope you The Last Jedi Hating Sons Of B***hes have a sense of Humor, other wise you’ll probably petition to get this quiz removed from Canon Too!

But Know that we’re done Being A Bunch Of Jar Jar Bink’s Cousins, lets get to the Stuff that’ll make you wanna Kill me anyways. This quiz was designed to Give you the Absolute most amount of Cancer Possible, so enjoy...

Created by: Nathan
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. Who Would Win in a Fight? The Peak Of Imperial Engineering, or a PeeWee fighter flown by an Asian Space Terrorists?
PeeWee Fighter Of Course.
Peak of Imperial Engineering?
4. Who Would Win? Anakin’s Morals And Those Of the Jedi Order, or, Palpatine saying “Do It” exactly Once.
Do It, Do It Now!!!
Anakin’s Morals?
5. Palpatine: Execute Order 66... Commander Cody: No...
(Roll Credits!)
ROTS Alternative Reality Confirmed???
6. It’s Over Anakin! I have The High Ground! (Or) I fear our Battle is reaching its conclusion my Freind, my altitude is greater than yours which is giving me the Advantage!
The First One?
The Second One.
You Underestimate My Power!!!!
7. Me: I Promise I won’t get all Political or Anything... (3 Hours Later)...
Anakin, my alleagence Is to the Republic! To Democracy!!!
8. Padme: you have 7 chairs and 3 Children, what do you do?
Obi-Wan: Get 3 More chairs
Anakin: Kill 3 Children
9. Girlfriend wants you to call her fat?
IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!!!
Your Fat...
10. Jar Jar Binks is A Sith Lord.
Hell Yeah.
F**k You!!
11. When Obi-Wan doesn’t have the High Ground, But cuts you in half anyway.
Obi-Wan OP please nerf...
12. You’ve heard of Elf on The Shelf, now it’s time for...
Wookiee On A Cookie.
Rey On a Tray.
Jar Jar in A Space Bar.

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