St. Patricks Day Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge on the History of St. Patrick's Day. Test to see how much you truely know. You might just know everything about this holiday, and where it originated from

Do you know alot about the History of St. Patrick's Day? Do you know the past of this holiday? Thanks to this quiz you can test your knowledge on the holiday of St. Patrick's Day

Created by: Chad
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1. What country is most associated with St. Patrick's Day?
United States
2. Where was the Patron Saint of Ireland born?
Buckingham Palace
Vatican city
3. On St. Patrick's day what do you kiss to get "persuasive eloquence"?
four leaf clover
a frog
The Blarney stone
a rainbow
4. Where might you find a "pot of gold"
beside a tree
on top of a unicorn
the end of a rainbow
the Federal Reserve
5. Who lives in the "hole of a tree?"
Easter Bunnies
Santa Clause
6. How many petals does the "lucky" clover have
7. Some of the most popular Irish attractions include:
Irish Pubs
Blarney Castle & the Blarney Stone
Explore Dublin
All of the above
8. According to the legend, one of St. Patrick's great feats was:
Removed all snakes
Banishing all British
Discovering the Blarney Stone
Capturing Pirates off the Coast
9. What happened to the young 16-year old Patrick that forever changed his life?
Met the Pope
Held captive for 6 years
Learned how to play the flute
Had a disturbing nightmare
10. St. Patrick's Day on March 17th celebrates what anniversary?
His Birth
His Death
His date of Sainthood
His Baptism

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