South Park Trivia

THis is Trivia... Bacicly Basic stuff about south Park. 10 questions. No turning back, Will you be a South park fan to the max? cause if not, IM IN THE LEEEAAADD`,3

ARE YOU THE ULTUIMATE SOUTH PARK FAN??? no. I am but just take this quiz and have a little fun!!! Looo loo loo ive got some apples loo loo loo you got some to. Loo loo loo lets make some applesause take of ur clothes and loo loo loo!

Created by: Alexis Thomas
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1. What Is Cartman's Cat named?
Mr. Hairball
Mr. Kitty
Mr. Cat
2. What is Kennys Hair Colour?
Orangey Red
He doesn't show it
3. "OH MY GOD!? THEYVE KILLED _____!" "YOU ________!"
Cartman and Dildo
Kenny and Bastards
Kyle and Douches
Stan and Asswipes
4. In which Season where Kenny is not Veiwed at all?
1 Season
2 Season
3 Season
4 Season
5 Season
6 Season
5. What is Kyles Last name?
6. how many times was "s---" used in "IT HITS THE FAN" episode?
7. What is Kyles Religion?
Roman Catholic
8. In order, What Instruments does each of the 3 boys play in Whale whores, On Guitar Hero?, (stan Not Included) Kenny, Cartman, Kyle
Drums, Singer, Guitar
Guitar, Drums, Singer
Singer, Guitar, Drums
9. What Is Cartmans "Plushie" Named?
Clyde Frog
Killer Kat
Pinky Parrot
Frankie Dog
10. What Grade Are All The Boys in?
3-4 grade
7-8 grade
1-2 grade
3-6 grade

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