So how Missouri are you?

When I first moved to Missouri, I didn't even know where it was. I was in my teens and lived on a coast. I've grown to love this State, and can't forsee leaving for a very long time.

Things are a little wierd here, but that's ok. I feel at home. There are a lot of good people here, and there are lots of beautiful and interesting sites.

Created by: Bubba
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. True or False: Missouri has some wierd names for towns: Peculiar, Climax Springs, Tightwad, Roach to name a few.
4. Noodling is a good way to catch dinner!
Heck yeah! I love catfish! This method ensures no hooks will get swallowed!
Don't get caught!
Catfish? On my plate? WTF?
What's noodling?
5. Two words: Party Cove!
I am SO there!
Which lake is it?
What's a cove?
You mean people do more than fish or water ski on a lake?
6. "You awake, Sis?"
She's late for school.
She's late for church.
She's late for work.
7. "We're going to the show" means:
Gonna watch TV at Bubba's
Going to the movies
Going to the theater
Going to watch the dog fights
8. You have gone to Wal-Mart in the winter and left your engine running so your car wouldn't freeze.
Heck yeah! That's the ONLY way to do it!
No, I much prefer the security of knowing my car won't be driven off.
9. There is horse and buggy parking available at most Wal-Marts.
Yep! Everyone should be able to park when they goto the store!
Horse and Buggy? I suppose next you're gonna tell me there's a public poop patrol service also?
10. Its no big deal when you see a pickup truck with guns in a rack on the back window.
God Bless the NRA!
What's the big deal?
Shouldn't everyone have a gunrack?
Fight crime! Shoot back!
OMG! GUNS? Missouri must be a lawless, evil place!
11. You've left your car running when you goto Wal-Mart in the heat of summer so you'll have air conditioning when you get done shopping.
Duh! Yeah! Hello!
No, I much prefer the security of knowing my car won't be driven off.
I LOVE getting into cars and getting second degree burns from the steering wheel!
12. Which explorers were commisioned by the President of the United States in 1803 to explore the great American west, starting from St. Louis?
Oprah and Dr. Phil
Tom and Jerry
Lewis and Clark
Ren and Stimpy
Beavis and Butthead
13. Which region is known as "Nashville West?"
Kansas City
Cape Girardeau
14. Which municipality got it's own amendment to the Missouri Constitution because of the alleged speed trap?
Lee's Summit
Mack's Creek
15. Which city is where the Pony Express began and Jesse James ended?
Ste. Genevieve
St. Joseph
St. Peters
16. Where was Jesse James from?
High Hill
17. What famous TV showhost is from Missouri?
Richard Dawson
Bob Barker
Drew Carey
R. Lee Ermy
18. How do you pronounce Missouri? Missour-ee or Missour-uh
Everyone knows Missouruh's mispelled!!
Helloooo???? MissourEE
19. MU's mascot:
20. What is the place in Kansas City that has the shuttle-cock in the front lawn?
He said shuttle-COCK!
The Dickerson Park Zoo
Nelson-Adkins Museum
Union Station
Science City
Bagnell Dam
21. What was Kansas City's first legal name?
Kansas City
City of Kansas
City of Kaw
22. What is Jefferson City's real name?
Jefferson City
Jeff City
City of Jefferson
23. Daniel Boone was born in Missouri.
Nope. But he lived here for a good long while!
Who is Daniel Boone?
24. Deer hunting should be a National Pastime!
25. Y'all or yuns?

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