Should you get fat?

There are many people trying to lose weight, but what about gaining it? Gainers are people who don't just want to gain weight to reach a healthy weight, but people who want to gain weight and be fatter than the doctors advise you to be!

But do YOU want to get fat? There are many reasons why someone may want to be fat, which you will find out shortly. This quiz will help you choose the right path! Hope you enjoy!

Created by: ashley
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. One day, you wake up and look in the mirror. Suddenly, you have a big, soft, jiggly belly that hangs over the waist band of your pants and sways whenever you move. You have gained weight on every part of your body... What is your reaction?
You love it! It's so soft and jiggly! You stand in the mirror for a while, poking and playing with your mountains of glorious fat.
You are shocked! You can't believe this happened but for some reason, you kind of like it.
You cry and head straight to the gym, hoping no one you know finds out!
You have always wondered what it is like to be fat and think it will be an interesting experience you could try out!
4. You try and squeeze into some pants that were big on you yesterday, but now are straining at the seams. After struggling for quite some time, you manage to get them on. They seem to push your stomach up, making it look even bigger and fatter... What do you do?
Wear them. You want to show everyone your big belly and are very proud of it.
You cry and run to the store as fast as possible and find pants in a bigger size that will hopefully hide your gain.
You find a baggy sweatshirt and pull it over your bulging stomach. It still shows some of your fat, but not too much.
Wear them anyway. You'll get some other pants later but for now, you don't really mind!
5. What is your weight? (if you don't mind me asking)
Less than 100 pounds
100-149 pounds
150-199 pounds
200-250 pounds
More than 250 pounds
6. What is your favourite type of food? (i am a vegan trying to gain weight #thestruggleisreal ahaha)
Junk food, sweets, burgers etc.
Every food!
Dairy produce (cheese, milk etc.)
I don't have a favourite food
7. You are sitting at the lunch table with your skinny, vegan friend Lily. You are munching on fries, candy and biscuits whilst she is barely even touching her salad. You are very stuffed with food, so stuffed that your belly falls out of your pants and covers your lap. Lily looks in disgust and tells you your so fat and need to 'lay off the carbs'. Your reaction?
"Actually, I like being fat" You smile at her and jiggle your massive belly.
You ignore her. You want to gain but are worried about what people think.
"Okay, I really should" You are discouraged but wonder what it would be like if you got even fatter.
You start crying and beg for her to help you lose weight.
You don't care. You love being a fatty!
8. You have gained 30 pounds and your mom is driving you to school. You get in the car but as you do, your shirt comes untucked and out spills your glorious flab. Your mom is shocked and pokes at your pudge "You need to lose some weight!" Your reaction?
"Mum, I don't need to lose any weight! I want to gain more!" You jiggle your belly and leave it out. Keeping it in there was uncomfortable anyway!
You look down at your huge belly. Maybe losing weight is a good idea after all.
"Okay, fine!" Secretly you think about what it would be like if you gained a little bit more!
"I know, its disgusting!" You start to cry (again) and as your mom to sign you up to the gym ASAP!
9. How much do you want to gain?
Nothing! I like being skinny!
A little bit, just so I can look healthier.
A little overweight. Just enough to have a cute little muffin top that jiggles when you touch it!
I want to be overweight but not too far into the obesity range. I just love the idea of having a big soft belly!
I want to be obese, but still mobile so I can still walk to the fridge to get more food to fill my big, doughy belly!
I want to be immobile and the fattest person in the world!
10. Why do you personally want to gain?
Because my boyfriend/girlfriend wants me to.
Because I want to be bigger (bigger belly, legs etc.)
I want to have lots of flab to play with!
I love food and love overeating till I feel stuffed!
My friend got me into gaining, we stuff our faces together!
11. You have piled on 40 pounds! You are at school/work when suddenly a person bumps into you in the hallway. "Hey there fatty!" They poke your flab and smile. Your reaction?
You loved being teased! You really liked that!
You kind of liked that but aren't sure if it was flirty or mean.
You cry and start losing weight. You are so embarrassed!
You don't really care.
That was so rude!
12. Congratulations! You have gained 100 pounds! How do you celebrate?
By having a party with all of your fat friends and stuffing your face of course!
How do I get rid of it! *crying*
You are shocked you gained so much! You like it but you think you should stop here.
You liked it when you had gained 20-40 pounds but 100 is wayyyy to much!
13. Do you like stuffing yourself with food?
Of course I do! I love the tight feeling of my belly being well and truly satisfied!
I like it but I don't do it too often!
I hate it! It makes me feel so sick and I don't want to get fat!
I love the feeling, but only stuff occasionally. I don't want to get too fat!
14. Do you play with your belly fat? Even if there's only a little there?
I love playing with my belly fat, especially after stuffing my face with junk food! It's so fun!
I like playing with my belly fat and wish I had more!
Eww that's disgusting!
I kind of like playing with my belly fat but am worried about what others will think of me!
15. Finally, how good was this quiz? (this has no effect on your final score!)
I loved it!
I liked it!
I disliked it!
I hated it!

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