Should you get a rabbit? The quiz

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This quiz is for the rabbit lovers who want to know if a rabbit is for them so please take the quiz! I hope you enjoy it a lot. I hope you get good scores and take good care of your rabbit

Like rabbits? Then youll love this quiz!!! The official should you get a rabbit quiz is the new amazing quiz to test you to see if you should get a pet rabbit.

Created by: J.T Stradtner

  1. How old are you?
  2. What is the best size rabbit to get for beginners?
  3. What is the worst disease a rabbit can get?
  4. What should you not feed your bunny?
  5. What kind of hay should you feed your rabbit?
  6. Where are you going to house your rabbit?
  7. What breed of rabbit are you gonna get
  8. How many rabbits are you going to get?
  9. Where are you going to get your rabbit?
  10. How many kids do you have?

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Quiz topic: Should I get a rabbit? The quiz