Relationship quiz

Do want to know if your marriage is as good as you think it is? You may be surprised by the results of this quiz. Spouses tend to have different views on how their marriage is.

When taking this quiz please be as honest as you can. Holding back or not answering correctly may give you an inaccurate result. And truth be told we all need to be honest, at least with our selfs.

Created by: Bill
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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25 to 30 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. The kids are gone for the night you and your partner are alone. What do you do?
Stay home and relax
Go out for dinner and a movie
Stay home for dinner and a movie
Leave your partner at home and go party
Enjoy a nice intimate evening in bed
4. Over the years your partner has developed traits that you don't like. What do you do?
Harp on them until they change to what you want
Except them for what they are
Help them change by being sensitive and understanding
Turn to some one with out those traits
Don't want to do any thing for fear of hurting them
5. What do you feel when your partner wants to be intimate?
Willing to do what ever it takes to get them to enjoy it as much as yourself
Just want them to get it over with
Screw their enjoyment your only in it for yourself
Pretend that you'll enjoy it
No thank you, you have some one else for that
6. Your partner wants to have a nice conversation with you. What do you do?
Pretend to listen after all you hate to talk
Turn up the TV or continue doing what your were doing
Listen and participate intently
Yell or get mad at them for interrupting your peace and quiet
Listen until it gets to uncomfortable
7. You either run into a old boyfriend/girlfriend or meet some one who is interested in you in a sexual way. And you find yourself really interested. What would you do?
Take them up on their offer
Turn them down right away saying your married
You've already have done that
String them along for the attention
Talk to your partner and see if its all right
8. You've had a hard day at work and your partner has had one with the kids. Who should get the time to relax?
Take turns you both could use the break
Neither both of you can wait till bed time
Screw that you bring home the money you get to relax
Walk out and go for a coffee leaving your partner with the kids
Give your partner the time off after all the kids are harder work than your work
9. Your partner is feeling really depressed and could use some comfort. What do you do?
Depressed you didn't even notice
Give them a hug and show that you love them
Comfort them has long as its convenient
You've got better things to do after all your partners a adult they can handle them selfs
Tell them to mope somewhere else your trying to relax
10. If your partner is sick or hurt how would you respond?
Do every thing you can to make them comfortable
Complain and think how it will impact you
Take care of them as long as it was convenient
Ignore it they can take care of them self
Find some one to take care of them so you don't have to
11. Do you go out of your way to tell or show your partner how much you love them every day?
Some what
You try
12. Who comes first in your marriage?
Me, always me
My partner is more important
Why should you put your needs aside for some one else
The kids
13. How do you think of your partner?
Some one who will always be there for you
Some one to look after the kids and house
Some one you love deeply
Some one who is a friend, confidant, lover, provider
Some one who loves you deeply
14. You and your partner had a fight what do you do?
Send them packing you've been looking to get rid of them
Walk out you don't need that drama
Beat them until they apologize
Insult them and tell them to leave
Forget who started it and make up
15. Public displays of affection.
Holding hands is fine but nothing else its to embarrassing
No way in hell do you want people to know that you married them
Every thing kissing, hugs, holding hands ect...
No thats not how you where raised
A small kiss is all you will allow, holding hands isn't comfortable
16. Your partner says that you should do something about the way you look
Tell them to go to hell they don't look so good either
Listen to what they have to say
Talk it out and see if you can compromise
Sulk and cry saying they are being mean
Doesn't matter you already knew that
17. You win a large amount of money in the lottery. What would you do?
Good bye married life
Go on a shopping spree to buy every thing you've wanted
Buy you partner something they've been dreaming about
Talk to your partner about what to do with it
Go on a cruise alone your partner can handle things at home after all its your money
18. Can you imaging a life with out your partner?
19. Do you love your partner?
Creator was lazy and wanted to use a easy word
Partner indicates that marriage is that, a partnership
No clue what so ever
20. Do you think that information in this quiz can help your marriage in any way?

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