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  • Are You Being Discriminated Against?
    [published: Dec 20, 2017]

    Sources: Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms My High School Canadian Law Class Are…

  • Are you a Pokemon Type Master?
    [published: Sep 3, 2017]

    I'd like to thank my brother for helping me with some of the jokes. And Google for helping me with…

  • The Improved Go To Quiz Quiz
    [published: Apr 28, 2017]

    The last quiz I made to see how much people knew about GTQ wasn't very good. So I made a new and…

  • How well do you Know me?
    [published: Apr 21, 2017]

    I drop lots of stories and facts about me on this site. Can you get them right on this quiz? Maybe,…

  • the Go To Quiz quiz
    [published: Aug 23, 2016]

    GTQ is annoying me right now... But I'm still making a quiz in it's honor!!! How much do you know about GTQ?…

  • Can I guess what you're doing right now?
    [published: Jul 28, 2016]

    I like to read minds, be batman, play with dogs, read stories... But right now, I'm…

  • Are you a Penny Expert?
    [published: Jul 25, 2016]

    You know, Leonard, and Sheldon, and Raj, and Howard... You know Amy, and Bernadette, and Kripke and…

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  • ""Oh. Okay. So that's your power? The sword?" Scarlet asked."
  • "Scarlet blinked and looked to see if the guy was ok."
  • The Hall Monitor
    "Tina heard the phone ring and picked it up. She added Johnnie to her contacts before reading his text. Johnnie: Hey, just wante"
  • ""Geese! Put that thing away! You'll poke someone's eye out!" Scarlet giggled."
  • The Hall Monitor
    "Tina fidgeted with the phone as she did her work. Would sneaking out the window be too drastic? Probably. Maybe it was for the best that she..."
  • "Scarlet smiled. "Really? You're lesbian too?" Scar,et asked with a smile. She expected that the girl could nod. She wanted to let her know h..."
  • The Hall Monitor
    "Tina usually spent Saturdays doing home work for extra credit or studying. However she would prefer to go visit Johnnie. "Hey mom. Can I go ..."
  • ""I can turn into a snake hybrid, I have healing powers, I have super strength in my Hybrid form, and I have increased senses in this form." ..."
  • The Hall Monitor
    "(Oh. I thought he went "Weee!!!" LOL.) (If it's the next day Tina would be home right now.) Tina woke the next mor"
  • The Hall Monitor
    "Tina giggled and blushed as she got into the ambulance with him. She sat beside his stretcher and studied him, blushing at the fact that he ..."
  • ""Oh. That's a shame." Scarlet replied. "What are her powers?" Scarlet asked, studying the girl again."
  • The Hall Monitor
    "Tina blushed and took a deep breath. "Would you like me to go with you?" Tina asked, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ears."
  • "Scarlet now knew the reason and smiled. "Can she talk? Or does she just prefer not to?" Scarlet asked, sending the girl a charming smile as ..."
  • The Hall Monitor
    "Tina blushed as she felt his hand in her back pocket and smiled. "Okay. Thank you sir." She replied before turning it off. "I... Uh... I add..."
  • "Scarlet chuckled. "Oh? Why would that be?" She asked, a bit surprised."

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