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  • Would I Date You?
    [published: Apr 28, 2018]

    Before the start of every quiz, there are two brief paragraphs explaining the quiz. These are an important…

  • Are You Being Discriminated Against?
    [published: Dec 20, 2017]

    Sources: Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms My High School Canadian Law Class Are…

  • Are you a Pokemon Type Master?
    [published: Sep 3, 2017]

    I'd like to thank my brother for helping me with some of the jokes. And Google for helping me with…

  • The Improved Go To Quiz Quiz
    [published: Apr 28, 2017]

    The last quiz I made to see how much people knew about GTQ wasn't very good. So I made a new and…

  • How well do you Know me?
    [published: Apr 21, 2017]

    I drop lots of stories and facts about me on this site. Can you get them right on this quiz? Maybe,…

  • the Go To Quiz quiz
    [published: Aug 23, 2016]

    GTQ is annoying me right now... But I'm still making a quiz in it's honor!!! How much do you know about GTQ?…

  • Can I guess what you're doing right now?
    [published: Jul 28, 2016]

    I like to read minds, be batman, play with dogs, read stories... But right now, I'm…

  • Are you a Penny Expert?
    [published: Jul 25, 2016]

    You know, Leonard, and Sheldon, and Raj, and Howard... You know Amy, and Bernadette, and Kripke and…

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  • Hey guys
    ""So Asia and Africa. Asia's pretty cool I guess. Africa hasn't been on History's best side though, has it? I'm afraid to admit that Europe h..."
  • Hey guys
    "Archie chuckled and nodded, leaning against the wall. "I'm here representing Europe, where some of the biggest names live. Britain, Germany,..."
  • Hey guys
    "(Oops. I went offline lol) "Well, he lived in Antarctica. So not much people. He probably just feels home sick and needs time t"
  • Hey guys
    "(Sorry I'm waiting for Pheonix lol)"
  • Hey guys
    ""Oh alright. How many is too many? I don't want to get a PUNishment." Archie chuckled with a grin. "Okay okay I'll stop now." He chuckled. "..."
  • Hey guys
    ""Yes. Do you not like puns?" Archie asked with a chuckle."
  • Hey guys
    "Archie waved his hand slightly before standing up straight when the white haired man saw him. "Antarctica huh? I hear it's pretty cool." Arc..."
  • Hey guys
    "Archie hummed as she studied the girl. Unfortunately he knew the super humans were immune to his powers of seduction, but it was now a habit..."
  • Hey guys
    "Eventually Archie's eyes caught on a gorgeous woman with dark skin and a unique dress that complimented her breast nicely. She was talking t..."
  • Hey guys
    "Archie smiled as he found a pretty blonde staff member with a perfect hourglass figure walk down the hall. He whistled in admiration, causin..."
  • Hey guys
    "Flora smiled and nodded as she grew some Forget Me Nots to frame her window and a Christmas cactus to wrap around her bed posts. She smiled ..."
  • Hey guys
    ""No problem! I love helping people see the beauty of nature." Flora cheered, having no idea she was programmed that way. "I'm excited to sho..."
  • Hey guys
    "Archie sighed and decided to go explore the ship. He hoped to get to know the staff members, maybe find someone to keep his bed warm that ni..."
  • Hey guys
    "Flora chuckled at the girl and smiled. Hello Skylar. Nice to meet you. Flora cheered as she looked around at her roses with a smile. Would y..."
  • Hey guys
    "Flora smiled as she finished using her healing powers to grow the roses along the walls and began placing the books and movies they gave her..."

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