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  • "A person that uses the force(an energy) for evil on the dark side."
  • Never Be The Same
    "A yo-yo. :) You?"
  • Never Be The Same
  • "bump)"
  • Truth or Dare
  • The Childrens asylum.
    "Serenity stared blankly at the wall until the opposite door opened, and a nurse gestured her in. "Test time, Serenity." She walked past the ..."
  • Raheem, come hither!
  • Raheem, come hither!
    "The two brothers walked into the house which smelled of alcohal(spelling) and must. He wrinkled his nose in distaste and looked around, not ..."
  • Raheem, come hither!
    "The limo finally came to a stop, causing Falcon to smile. His door opemed and he stepped out and looked around. Old buildings surrounded the..."
  • Raheem, come hither!
    "Falcon sat back in the limo car seat, humming. In a few minutes he would be arriving in Wutherin Falls, and he could finally finish his busi..."
  • Raheem, come hither!
    "Who starts first?"
  • ""Yeah, totally." Ziana smiled, trying to reassure herself, and pushed the door open with a wooden creak, and stepped inside. She coughed and..."
  • Raheem, come hither!
    "Name: Falcon Age: 21 Gender: Male Personality: Crazy, dominative, and clever. Looks: Adam Levine Fears: None"
  • Raheem, come hither!
    "Okay. :) Character Sheet: Name: Age(17+): Gender: Personality: Looks: Fears: O"
  • Raheem, come hither!
    "I'll be C1 please. Is it okay if I play a male?"

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