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  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Nov 1, 2017]

    This is a different kind of Are you a genius quiz.I just did this for fun but you're free to take the…

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  • A small reveal
    "The most easiest way to get a cat to take a bath is to just let him get rained on,lol."
  • A small reveal
    "Welp,seems like that was his fault."
  • "Nightmare continued to rock him."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight chirped back."
  • White Skull
    "Blake shook her head."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight licked him."
  • "Nightmare hummed."
  • A small reveal
    "Lol,Your cat hates you for some reason."
  • A small reveal
    "*laughs* I'm good,you?"
  • "Nightmare held him as she slowly rocked him."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight purred."
  • White Skull
    "Blake sighed as she stared outside the barrier"You should go home.....I'll be fine...." She said lowly as she formed a shadow tendril..."
  • Yo Nix!
    "Knight nuzzled him."
  • "Nightmare puts the mirror down and moves his hand away before she healed the bleeding eyesocket,soon cleaning up the blood."
  • A small reveal
    "A ghost ship,huh? That's quite a legend."

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