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  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Nov 1, 2017]

    This is a different kind of Are you a genius quiz.I just did this for fun but you're free to take the…

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  • Hey Mac.
    ""Hello,Little Clover."Hunter hummed out."
  • Hey Mac.
    "Hunter chuckled."
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "Nightmare frowned."
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "Nightmare looked at him."
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "Nightmare grunted."
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "Nightmare twitched as her eyes closed."
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "They then locked the cage door back before leaving. Nightmare twitched."
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "Saber backed away from the cage,whimpering. Nightmare then saw a group of people come inside,armed with taser guns.They opened "
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "Saber whimpered. Nightmare growled as Cyber was taken out the door."
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "Nightmare frowned. Saber hopped down and walked over to his father's cell"......Da......stuck..." Cyber tilted his"
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "Nightmare clicked loudly."
  • Phoenix
    "Nightmare glared at him,her oddly purple eyes staring into his soul."
  • The Blind Dates
    "Midnight sighed as she walked inside the restaurant and flinched when she felt someone placed their hand on her shoulder.Glaring out of the ..."
  • -Forbidden Love-
    "Good.) Nightmare nuzzled him back."
  • ~Feral Instincts~
    "Nightmare clicked at him."

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