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  • Test your knowledge on Shaman King.
    [published: Apr 21, 2017]

    Hey, welcome and thank you for clicking on my quiz! I'm sure that this will really put your…

  • yugioh card quiz
    [published: Feb 28, 2014]

    yugioh is a card game for kids of all ages. it requires strategy, luck, and the willpower to crush your…

  • do you know me quiz 2nd edition
    [published: Aug 26, 2013]

    so i made a do you know me quiz back when i was a total noob. it sucks hard when i looked at it…

  • How well do you know weird al yankovic
    [published: Jan 1, 2013]

    many people makeknowlege quizez. well this is a BIT diffrent i wanna see how much you know…

  • are you bruce lee or chuck noris
    [published: Oct 3, 2012]

    everyone knows bruce lee and chuck noris are famouse fighters. but which one of them are you?i…

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