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In short, I get fed up with all the Sorting Hat questions that would ask, of all things, what your favourite colour was. Many of them portrayed Slytherin as evil, Hufflepuff as nice, Gryffindor as simply brave, and Ravenclaw as the smarties.

While I have no way to look inside J.K. Rowling’s mind, I have looked at the books, the Sorting Hat’s speeches, and Pottermore’s Sorting quiz to piece together a Sorting quiz that, based on your value system, places you into a House. No guarantees it will be perfect, but I do promise it will be better than the Sorting quizzes that put you in Ravenclaw because blue is your favourite colour.

Created by: Swiss
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Would you follow your dreams if it meant losing a friend?
Yes. I may regret it, but following your dreams is very important.
No. I could never give up something as precious as a friendship.
It all depends, really…
4. If there were a button that, if pressed, would give you an extremely large quantity of knowledge of things unknown to man but it came at the cost of one human life (and it could be anyone), would you press it?
Only if I knew that the benefits outweigh the costs.
Yes. In the end, the knowledge gained could save thousands of lives in the future, anyway.
Never. End of story.
I’m on the fence…
5. Which, out of all these things, is the worst?
Ignorance. Ignorance out of all these choices is not only the most foolish, but the most dangerous.
Selfishness. Always doing things for your own benefit and not being considerate of what others’ think means you think yourself better than everybody around you.
Not being realistic, or being naive. Having dreams and hopes is fine, but getting to the point where you are living in a place where you can’t see the reality of the situation, or being too naïve to see it, is poisonous.
Fears that binds you and make it impossible to do what must be done. Fear is an enemy that must constantly be fought and conquered for anything to be done.
6. Which of these would make you happiest?
The feeling that comes with all the dreams you’ve worked and longed for coming true.
The feeling of coming home and seeing friends and family after a long time away.
The feeling that comes with realization – kind of like figuring out the last piece of a puzzle.
The feeling that comes with having met a challenge, or your fears, and proven something about yourself to you and the people around you.
7. Which sounds most like you?
I want to become someone trusted, someone recognized as the person that people can come to with their questions.
I just want to be someone good, someone who just accepts people as they are, and who is constantly surrounded by friends who I can be myself around.
I want to be someone who people will someday recognize as a great person, someone who stands out because I’ve followed my dreams.
I want to become someone good, someone who people tell tales about and will be remembered for a long time.
8. Which do you think is the worst?
Loneliness. Constantly being alone, never being able to connect or talk to somebody…
Boredom. Especially after you’ve gotten to the point where you can’t even think about anything but being bored.
Being ignored. Realizing that no matter what, nobody’s going to listen to you.
Being surrounded by a blanket of fear that doesn’t seem to let you go, making it impossible to do anything.
9. What do you think about intelligence?
It is something I want to use.
It is something I want to have.
It is important.
It is good to have.
10. You and your friend are walking along a country road, and you see to the side your typical haunted looking house. It has a sign in front of it that says, “DO NOT ENTER.” Your friend tells you that this house is hundreds of years old and people say it is haunted by ghosts of the past. Your friend starts walking towards the house, disregarding the sign. What do you do?
A hundreds of years old house? That sounds interesting! You try to persuade your friend to not go into the house because of the sign, but if they don’t comply you’ll probably just go into the house with them.
You try and persuade your friend not to go into the house. The sign is clear, and there’s a reason it’s there. There might be something dangerous. If your friend doesn’t comply, you will get some help from a nearby house or call somebody saying what your friend has done. The house could be dangerous, and you are worried for your friend.
Maybe you’re a bit on the fence about disobeying the sign, but if your friend goes, you’re following them. Perhaps the sign doesn’t bother you at all in the first place.
Perhaps. It all depends, really. If it’s not best in your mind to enter the house, you may try to persuade your friend to change their mind about entering, but if they disregard you, you will not follow, no matter how worried you are about your friend.
11. You and three of your friends are out walking and suddenly you all realize that, about 50 feet away, there is a troll. And it appears to be heading towards you. What is your mindset?
All right. Time to stand firm, step forwards, and get ready to – gulp - face a troll.
The first thing that flashes into your head is, “How is there a way for me and my friends to get out of this situation together?”
You immediately think, “How am I supposed to get out of this one?”
You immediately think, “What’s best way to get out of this one?”
12. What do you want in your future wife/husband?
Somebody who shares my ideals and dreams.
Somebody who I know will always stay with me, and who I know will love me for who I am.
Somebody who is like me, and who always seems to want to follow me and be with me in whatever I do.
Somebody who I respect, and who gives me somewhat of a challenge, but loves me very much.
13. Which do you think is the most important?
Courage. Without courage, where would we be today?
Ambition. Without people with ambition, we would be nowhere.
Intelligence. Without intelligence, people would be ignorant, careless, foolish…
Loyalty. What are courage, ambition, and intelligence if you first do not have loyalty?
14. Do you feel like some Houses are better than others?

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