Pokemon Quiz--what pokemon are you?

You like Pokemon? I do! And when it comes to choosing between Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, it's hard. Very hard. Fire could beat up some gyms, so could water, and grass too... 0_0

Now put your feelings to the test and see the perfect partner for you, by taking this quiz! Hope you enjoy it! After all, facing Pokemon is gonna be a wild adventure!

Created by: Sarah
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. If you were annoyed by some mean trainer, what would you do?
Set them on fire and laugh as they scream
Hit them with your shell
Squeeze them with vines until they can't breath
4. If you were wild and free and happy, what would you do when a trainer saw you and tried to catch you?
Set the empty Pokeball ablaze
Hide inside a shell and squirt water out
Run away
5. Oh no! You're caught!
When the trainer gets you out to battle... RUN FOR IT!!!
Cry until the trainer gets annoyed
Kill that snobby trainer with vine whip!
6. Okay, so you got away from the trainer. Now what?
Make a smokescreen so he can't follow
Run deep into the woods and go on with life, watering the plants
Run to the woods and camouflage
7. Uh oh! A new trainer found you but you're too tired to do anything.
Try to defend yourself
Give up
Close your eyes and pretend your dreaming
8. Aha! You managed to get away from that trainer before it could catch you!
Yahoo.... *falls asleep*
9. Okay, the trainer has just started... it wanted to catch you... He/She sits and cries.
Awww... Poor kid. *walks away feeling sorry for*
*plays Drip Drip Drench with trainer to cheer it up*
*watches* O.o
10. Ah! The trainer got angry and caught you!
Oh bother... *tries to blow Pokeball up*
Awwww.... better wait until next battle....
*sigh* Now what?
11. The trainer lets you out to battle you. You're about to run away, when you relize you like to battle with other trainers.
Oh well. I guess I'll stay here awhile. *beats up the opponent* ^_^
*hugs trainer* I love yoooouuuu...
Awww... Romance... ^_^
12. Last question... You evolve into your last state of eviloution and live happily ever after. ^_^
Er... The end?
Yay! Happy ending!

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