Parklands First Aid Quiz

First Aid quiz for the year 9 students at Parklands Christian College. This quiz looks to revisit some of the concepts we have learnt from our workbook.

If you need to find information for this quiz, you will find it on pages 19 - 30 in your assigned workbooks. If you have any questions, please ask!!!!

Created by: MrSchmidt2017

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  1. What does the SECOND "d" in DRSABCD stand for?
  2. In an emergency, the number to call is what?
  3. How many breaths should be done between each round of compressions?
  4. As a first responder, should you remove an object from a bloody wound? (Such as glass)
  5. How many compressions are done between each set of breaths during CPR?
  6. After assessing, what is the first action to take when someone is choking?
  7. In a major emergency, what is the first action you should take?
  8. During CPR, are compressions still effective without rescue breaths?
  9. Can shock be life threatening?
  10. Should a bandage be wrapped towards the heart, or away from the heart?
  11. You arrive at the skatepark with a group of friends, and there is an unconscious man laying on the ground. He is bleeding significantly from his head and not breathing. Should you stop the bleeding first or begin CPR?
  12. Which of the following is not an appropriate step in wound care?
  13. If blood begins to soak through a pad and bandage, should you remove it and re-apply a new one?
  14. During lunchtime you see Mr Schmidt eating a packet of lollies down at the basketball court. All of a sudden you notice him choking and gasping for air. You run to help him, but he can't speak or cough. Is this a partial obstruction or a complete obstruction?
  15. At the end of the day you remember you've left your hat up at the top oval. When you go to collect it, you find Mr L unconscious and not breathing. There is no one else around. Should you go and get help or begin CPR?

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