Oakland Raiders Fan Quiz

This Quiz is about the Oakland Raiders. This quiz will test a fans knowledge of the silver and black and see if you are committed to excelence, or if you are just a bandwagon fan!

So, how much do you know about the Raiders? Who is the all-time leading scorer? How many super bowls have they been to? Taking this quiz will determine how much of a Raiders fan you really are! Good luck!

Created by: RAIDERS#1FAN
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1. What was the score of the Raiders first ever regular season game?
W 33-30 vs New England Patriots
W 87-0 vs Canton Bulldogs
L 22-37 vs Houston Oilers
L 58-59 vs Denver Broncos
2. Who is the owner of the Oakland Raiders?
John Madden
Al Davis
Amy Trask
Jon Gruden
3. Which season was the last time the Raiders went to the super bowl?
4. Who was the original owner of the Raiders?
Al Davis
John Madden
Chet Soda
Ronald McDonald
5. What was the Raiders Original Name?
Golden Gophers
6. Who was the Raiders best coach(most super bowls)?
John Madden
Tom Flores
Jon Gruden
Al Davis
7. Which Raiders player wore jersey number 00?
Jim Otto
Ted Hendricks
Fred Bilentikoff
Ken Stabler
8. Which raiders player won NFL MVP in 1974?
Jim Otto
John Madden
Jim Plunkett
Ken Stabler
9. How many super bowls have the Raiders won?
10. What is the name of the backup linebacker who intercepted a screen pass and returned it for a touchdown in super bowl XVIII?
Rod Martin
Jack Squierk
Jeff Barnes
Bill Romanowski
11. What was the original color of the Raiders helmet?
12. What is your opinion of the Pittsburgh Steelers?
They're awesome
F*** the Steelers
They're Okay
I don't care
13. What Quaterback did the Raiders draft with the first pick of the 1962 AFL draft?
JaMarcus Russell
Roman Gabriel
Ken Stabler
Sonny Jergonson
14. What was the Raiders regular season record in their 1976 superbowl winning season?
15. Who is the Raiders all time leading receiver?
Fred Bilentikoff
Cliff Branch
Tim Brown
James Jett
16. How many different head coaches have the Raiders had since 2002?
17. Who was the Raiders first staring quarterback?
Tom Flores
Ken Stabler
Rich Gannon
Marc Wilson
18. Who is the Raiders all time leading scorer?
QB Jim Plunkett
QB/K George Blanda
K Sebastian Janikowski
WR Tim Brown
19. What Raiders QB was nicknamed "The Mad Bomber"?
JaMarcus Russell
Ken Stabler
Daryl Lamonica
Cotton Davidson
20. What Raiders player was nicknamed "the assassin"?
Howie Long
Jack Tatum
George Atkinson
Ted Hendricks
21. What Raiders tight end is in the hall of fame?
Dave Casper
Zach Miller
Todd Christiansen
Teyo Johnson
22. How many times have the Raiders gone to the AFL/AFC championship game?
23. What Raiders player was named comeback player of the year in 1982?
Jim Plunkett
Cliff Branch
John Matuzak
Lyle Alzado
24. Who did the Raiders draft in the 5th round of the 1966 AFL draft?
Bo Jackson, RB, Auburn
Art Thoms, DL, Syracuse
Pete Banaszak, HB, Miami
Jim Andreotti, C, Northwestern
25. What is the Raiders all time record (including postseason)?

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