My Questions of knowledge.

Hello Friend.Welcome to my Quiz "My Questions of Knowledge".Please use your brain to pass questions easily and try harder as you can.Please you can do it.

There are ten questions you should pass.Think they are some hard questions.But don't think they are too hard otherwise you will get low rank.You should get exellent rank.

Created by: M.Cheshnav.

  1. It has a head and a tail,but it is not a animal!What it is?
  2. Roman god Saturn is the God of_.
  3. Who invented Nylon and in which year?
  4. When was Neil Armstrong born?
  5. Which country invented Chess game?
  6. What building has more stories than any story books?
  7. Unscrable the Indian state-NAMIRUP.
  8. How can you say that an ocean is so frendly with you?
  9. Finish this:T_ _ _e,i_e_ _ _ _m.
  10. Everybody in the world needs it.They generously give it.But never take it.Then what it is?

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