My DBD Characters

I've been trying to create a cartoon/book for a while. These are the characters I have so far created, and I wanted to make a quiz about them. Take to find out which one you'd probably like best or be most similar to :3

What character of the book I'm trying to create "Dead Before Death" are you? It's really kind of a quick quiz for people who are bored xD Also tell me if you like the character I've told you about!

Created by: tomboykaitie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How do you feel about gay people?
Who cares?
Honestly a homophobe.
Straight but supports gays.
I am gay/bi myself.
What does that mean?
Unsure on opinions/orientation.
4. How do you hang with people?
I usually hang out in a group.
Friends with just about everybody.
Prefer/Tend to be alone.
I enjoy being around one or two people.
It varies on mood or day.
Animals are better!
5. What's most important out of the following?
Being proud of who you are.
Taking care and protecting the ones you love.
Standing up for what is right.
Always looking on the good side of things.
Experiencing as much as possible.
Having good, wise advice to follow.
6. Are you currently in a relationship?
No, but I want to be.
Yes, I am in a relationship.
Happily single!
Er, it's complicated.
I've got my eyes on someone/miss someone.
7. Which animal would you like most out of the followng?
I love all animals.
Not an animal person.
8. Who do you normally focus on?
Human females
Human males
Demons, ghosts, fairies, ect.
9. Which side would draw more of your attention?
Bad guys!
10. Do you follow the rules?
Ohyes. You don't like breaking rules...
Depends on the rule. If it's stupid, you don't follow it though.
Depends on the day and how you're feeling.
No, you're kind of a troublemaker.
Screw rules! Go all-out troublemaker!
11. Do you have a twin?
More than just twins!
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.
12. Do animals tend to like you?
13. What's your favorite of person?
The comic relief
Lovabley mature
Someone in touch with emotions
Religious rule-follower
14. Do you have any mental illnesses?
Kind of
I don't really know
Of course not
15. How active are you on most days?
Couch potatoe.
I am annoyingly active.
Depends on the day in all honesty.
Half hyper, half calm.
16. Do you enjoy facepaint?
What kind of question is that?
Yes, I looove face paint. I try to wear it as often as possible.
No, not big on putting anything like that on my face.
It's cool I guess.
Never tried it.
17. What are you? This goes for guys too, don't be ashamed!
Femime (for girls: girlie)
18. Clean or dirty?
Um.... both?
Clean, clean, clean.
Dirty all the way.
Meh, it doesn't matter.
19. Do you apprechaite advice given to you?
Always, you love getting good advice. Or hearing quotes that are really sweet.
I'm always giving advice. I'm good at it.
Meh, you don't really care either way.
No, you don't need advice.
I just don't like being judged, is all.
20. Are you scared of demons/ghosts?
No, they're cool.
They don't exist, man.
Don't care.
21. When it comes to costumes:
They're so cool!
I want a costume...
Don't care.
No, normal everyday clothes are better.
22. Someone makes fun of you. What's your reaction?
Go into a major rant.
Just walk away.
Throw an insult right back.
Revenge is the best way to go.
23. What do you live in?
Nothing. I'm completely mobile.
A house.
A mansion.
A trailer or car.
An apartment/long-time motel.
24. Are you patient?
Sort of
25. Do you enjoy causing trouble?
Yes but I mean no harm
Yes and I dont care if I harm anyone
Meh, it depends
No, I'm pretty much a rule-follower
You don't really do a lot of troublemaking anyway

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