MSP QUIZ 😀 Easy, Medium, Hard.

If you are a genius, you would of gotton 100% or more, no won yet is a genius. if you are a genius, you are very very good, at math, science, reading, words, spelling, and more.

ARE YOU A GENIUS?? you must get the score 100% or + of that. you will find out in a second! There are not many geniuses out there. it is very hard to be a genius.

Created by: Madalyn of MSPquiz
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who if you are a girl on moviestarplanet, who would you have to friend?
  2. IS Lilytrescot a character msp?
  3. When was msp made?
  4. IS msp a 17+ game?
  5. IF you are level 0 how many friends can you have?
  6. what level is maddygym8? ( you can go on msp to see.)
  7. What is the cheapest pet on msp ( october, 2017)
  8. How many severs are on msp (2017) ?
  9. How many vips are there? ( not talking about days)
  10. What is a greet?
  11. Was this a good quiz and was it easy, medium, or hard?

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