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Ludwig: How could you? Me: How could I what? *innocent face* Ludwig: How could you make a quiz about me then include me in it! I don't vant to be included in your shananagins!

Me: *Giggle* I dunno, i get bored and you're the cure to my boredom >:D Surprisingly lol Ludwig: -.- I still did not vant to be included, baka. Me: TOUGH LUCK, MISSER GERMANY.

Created by: tomboykaitie
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1. This is what happens when I get bored and I want to include Ludwig in my boredness.
Boredness is not a word.
Who the hell is Ludwig?
^ Germany from Hetalia.
^^ Who's Germany from Hetalia?
^^^ Google it.
^^^^ Oooh, a hot and smexay anime dude ;D
2. Ludwig did not approve.
When does he?
I wouldn't either!
He should have!
Whothehellcares xD
3. *Pokes*
*Pokes back*
*Majorly weirded out*
Don't make me hurt you.
*If I said what I wanted to, this quiz would be majorly reported*
4. Omg yaoi.
Yuri's better.
Yaoi :DDD
What is yaoi?
^^ Oh, that's what it is. MUST SEE.
^^^ *Omgwtf face*
5. Do you replace all of your 'w's with 'v's?
..Vhy vould I do that.
Occasionally ;D
Um, no?
That sounds fun hehe
I couldn't pass it off without a German accent Dx
Ja v.v
6. jgidbfsbfubjsbvjhb
It is so annoying when people do that -.-
Alrighty then...
7. Now let's let Germany speak for once xD
Who's Germany?
^ Ludwig.
^^ Who's Ludwig?
^^^ ohmygod.
8. Ja, hallo.
zomfg it's Ludwig.
Yo wazzzup missta Germany!?
Italy speaking ^>^``
Hallo to you too then :P
9. Kaitie, vhat the hell is vrong vith you! Vhy vould you create a quiz like this! Are you THAT bored? T_T
Vhat's vith all the v's, man.
The quiz master can create as many quizzes as they please. *Bows down to the awesomeness that is Kaitie*
Don't yell! *throws a muffin*
I'M WITH GERMANY. Vhut the hell Kaitie.
10. *Nibbles a wurst and reads the newspaper*
*Also gets wurst and reads newspaper*
^ *Calls the person above a suck up*
*Pokes Ludwig to majorly annoy him*
11. *Kaitie takes control again*
Germany only got three question thingys! Wtf Kaitie.
Thank goodness. Ludwig's a weirdo ;D
Um, okay. I don't really care.
^ Well, you should. This could be vital information.
^^ Well, until it is, I don't care.
^^^ You VegetaxBulma fan. *Snap*
12. Er, I don't know what to say anymore xP
Good. There's nothing to say.
^ wut.
Well, I'm just going to, uh, click the little X box in the right hand corner of my screen.
I'm bored now.
*Doesn't approve*
13. Germany: Vay to ruin the quiz, Kaitie. Boring little baka.
What's a baka.
^ Idiot in Japanese, baka ^^
I agree with Germany, KAITIE YOU BORE US.
^ In English please? xD
14. *Steals Ludwig's jacket* Mwhahaha.
Btw for anyone who doesn't know, Ludwig and Germany are the same person :B
Omg, noes, not his jacket.
*Gets popcorn and waits for Germany to pop a cap in her ass*
^ Nohmygod dude.
Goo Kaaaiitie!
Steal his pants too ;P
15. Germany: *POPS A CAP IN HER ASS*
Kaitie: *Plumets to the ground dramatically* MY ASSS.
^ *Walks over dramatically* YOUR LANGAAAAUGE.
*Stands up and applaudes*
KAITIE, OH NOE. *Runs over with a bandaid*
^ A bandaid won't help, fool.
^^ It was the thought that counts |D

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