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World Is about people, people are about to maintain world and to relax they have created entertainment, Television is part of entertainment Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, is part of television show... It is a Serial about star-crossed love story presenting an interesting contrast of personalities entwined in a relationship swinging between love & hate.

Created by: Alisha Khan of ArShi Imaginary Stories By Twinkle_Alisha
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1. When and on Which Channel Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon aired on ?
30th November 2012, Colors Television Channel
6th June 2011, Sony Entertainment Television Channel
6th June 2011, Star Plus Television Channel
11th August 2011, Star Plus Television Channel
30th November 2011, Star Plus Television Channel
2. Who was Khushi Kumari Gupta ?
Shyam's Sister
Payal's Sister
Payal's Younger Sister, Madhumati's Niece
Manohar's Daughter-In-Law
3. Who was Arnav Singh Raizada ? Why He was so Harsh on Khushi ?
Anjali's Younger Brother, So That He Could Not Be Weakened By Falling In Love
Anjali's Younger Brother, Because He Loves To Be Harsh
Anjali's Younger Brother, Because He Is A.S.R
Shyam's Brother, Because Of Past
4. Where first Time Arnav as A.S.R met Khushi ? What He did with Her ?
In Delhi, Made Love To Her
In Sheesh Mahal, Locked Up In Store Room
In Mumbai, Threw Water On Her
In Sheesh Mahal, Played Ringa Ringa Roses
In Sheesh Mahal, Becomes Friends
5. Whyy was Arnav in Relationship with Lavanya ?
To Hurt Khushi
To Save Himself For Tying Knot
For His Family
Because He Loves Khushi
Because He Loves Lavanya
6. Who give Appointment Letter to Khushi to work in AR Designz ? How She landed up in Head Office of AR Designz ?
Shyam, Because She Was Forced By Lavanya
Anjali, Because She Wanted To Bring Arnav And Khushi Closer
Madhumati, Because Wanted Her To Work Under A.S.R
Shyam, Because Appointment Letter Was Lost By Her
7. Whyy Arnav Realised Lucknow Fashion Show Footage ?
Because He Wanted More Fame
Because He Was Frustrated By Khushi
Because He Wanted To Show Khushi What He Is Capable Of
Because Of Lavanya
Because He Wanted To Hurt Her Physically
8. Whyyy Arnav Married Her forcefully and for how many Months ?
Because He Thought Khushi Loves Him, 10 Months
Because He Thought Khushi Is Having Affair With Shyam, 6 Months
Because He Wanted To Torture Her Day And Night , 7 Months
Because He Thought Khushi Is Having Affair With Shyam, 12 Months
9. Whyyy Anjali brought Khushi to train Lavanya ?
Because To Make Lavanya Sanskari
Because To Bring Arnav And Khushi Closer
Because To Make Lavanya And Khushi Friends
Because To Make Khushi Place In Raizada Residents Hearts
10. Whyyy Arnav and Khushi did not want to see each other at 12 o Mid-Night ?
Because They Have Already Plans For Mid-Night
Because They Were Going Out With PayAsh
Because They Don't Want To See Each Other For Whole New Year
Because They Were Angry With Each Other
Because They Were Going To Sangeet
11. What was Arnav's Past ?
His Parent Commited Suicide, Anjali Marriage Broke, Their Chacha Threw Them Out
His Father Married For Second Time, Anjali Ran Away, His Chacha Wanted Him To Marry With His Daughter
He Was Love In Girl Who Cheated Him
His Cousin Cheated Him
His Family Was Bankrupt
12. Why Subhadra Devi, Anjali-Arnav Daadi came back to Shantivan ?
Because She Was Invited For Arnav's Marriage
Because She Wanted To Threw Shyam Out
Because She Was Called By Shyam
Because She Wanted Arnav To Change His Name Back To Malick
13. What was Name of Arnav-Anjali's Parent ?
Ratna Avinash
Guari Kapoor
Ratna Arvind
Garima Arvind
14. Whyy Shyam was behind Khushi ?
Because He Wanted To Marry Khushi
Because He Lusted On Khushi
Because He Wanted To Kill Khushi
Because He Wanted To Kidnapp Khushi
15. Whyyy Shyam kidnapped Arnav ?
For Taking Revenge On Khushi
For Arnav's Will
To Marry Khushi
To Threw Raizadas Out Of Shantivan
16. Who put Silver Coins in Detergent Packet and Why ?
Anjali, To See Her Happy
Arnav, To See Her Happy
Payal, To See Her Childlishness
Devyani, Because She Love Her
17. Where Arnav and Khushi met for Second Time ?
In Shantivan
In AR Designz
In Dargah
In Sheesh Mahal
In Lavanya's House
In Parking Lot
18. Meri Aankhon Main Tu Muskuraye... Meri Dharkan Pe Tere Saaye... When this song was introduced ?
On Teej In Temple
On Teej In Shantivan
Between ArShi First Closeness
On Heer Ranjha Day
19. What was Name given by Khushi to Arnav ?
Laad Governer
20. Who saved Arnav from Shyam's Goon clutches ?
21. Who had Affair with Arvind as per Daadi's words ?
22. Whyyy Sheetal brought Aarav to Shantivan ?
Because She Wanted To Separate Arnav And Khushi
Because She Wanted Arnav's Property
Because She Was Sister Of Shyam
Because She Wanted Arnav Back
Because She Wanted To Hurt Khushi
23. Tu Hi Bata Mere Maula Tu Hi Bata Mere Rabba When this Song was introduced ?
When Arnav Was Thinking About Khushi And Akash About Payal
When Arnav Was Deeply Fallen For Khushi
When Arnav Threw Shyam Out
When Arnav Called Her Biggest Mistake Of His Life
24. Whyy Arnav had to Marry for Second Time ?
To Fulfill Khushi's Dreams
Because Daadi Had Listened And Madhumati Was Taking Khushi Back To Gupta House
For His Di's Happiness
Because He Married Khushi Forcefully
25. ''Sapno Ki Duniya Mein Rehna Hi Accha Hai, Kyun Keh Aisli Duniya Mein Sirf Dill Tutthay Hain...'' When and to whom Khushi had said these words ?
To Arnav, Because She Was Tired Of Shyam's Manhandling
To Anjali, Because She Can't See Arnav And Lavanya Together
To Lavanya, Because She Was Again Insulted By Arnav When She Was Trying Dress Given By Lavanya
To Lavanya, Because She Was Insulted From Arnav On Diwali Night
26. ''Mujhe Iss Duniya Se Koi Matlab Nahi Hai Di... Meri Isliye Duniya To Aap Ho..'' Who said these words to whom ?
Akash to Anjali
Manohar to Ratna
Arnav to Anjali
Shashi to Madhumati
Khushi to Payal
27. ''Aur Kabhi Kabhi Pta Nahi Chalta Keh Aap Kab Kis Insaan Se Akhri Bar Mill Rahe Ho... Aur Unke Jaane Keh Bad Pta Chalta Hai Keh Aap Kitne Galat Tey... '' Whose said these words to whom ?
Anjali to Khushi
Anjali to Akash
Anjali to Arnav
Devyani to Khushi
Devyani to Arnav
Anjali to Lavanya
28. What was Khushi's Dream ?
Her Rajkumar come on White Horse
To Become Billionare
To Marry Businessman
To Get Fame
To Become Miss India
29. When Khushi was broken so much and cried so much ?
When Arnav Said To Her That She Doesn't Meant Anything To Him On Diwali Night
When Anjali Had Miscarriage
When Shyam's Truth Was Out
When She Had To Come Delhi Unwillingly
30. ''Maine Tumari Pasand Ki Cheez Lavanya Ko De Diya ... I Hope Tumhe Koi Farkh Nahi Parta Hai...'' What was that Thing (Cheez) ?
Engagement Ring
Bridal Dress
31. Whyy Arnav was frustrated to knew Khushi was engaged ?
Because He Started To Feel For Khushi
Because He Wanted To Get Engaged To Lavanya Before Khushi
Because He Couldn't Able To Torture Her
Because He Wanted To Kidnapp Khushi
32. When Arnav said to Khushi that She had Affair with Shyam ?
When Khushi Was About To Jump From Terrace Thinking That Arnav Married Her Because Of Fault In His Horoscope
When He Confronted Her After Heer-Ranjha Play
When He Married Her Forcefully On Wedding Night
When Arnav Called Her Biggest Mistake Of His Life
33. When Saiyyan introduced as BackGround Music ?
During Taking Shelter In Hut, ArShi Coming Close
When Arnav Was Deeply Fallen For Khushi
During Dabba Visit , Arnav Tends To ill Khushi
During Dabba Visit, Arnav Saved Her From ill Peoples
When Arnav Tends To Injured Finger Of Khushi
34. Villian character was played by whom ?
Abhaas Mehta
Barun Sobti
Akshay Dogra
Karan Goddwani
35. Arnav has Allergy from which ?
Khushi's NonStop Chatter
Mosquito Coil
Khushi's Cries
Anjali's Teasing
36. Who listened Shyam Khushi conversation on Terrace ?
37. ''Apni Cheezain Yahan Wahan Churne Ki Aadat Hai Tumari... Jaise Apni Payal Mere Poolside Pe Churi Thi... Tumhari Payal Mere Pass Thi Is Baat Ka Koi Galat Matlab Mat Nikal Lena... Yeh Mat Sochna Keh Ek Ameer Admi Tumari Payal Ko Apne Seene Se Laga Kar Baita Tha... Mujhe Iss Sab Se Koi Farkh Nahi Parta ... It Doesn't Mean A Thing... ! Shayid Tumare Liye Hoga ... Tumhe Toh Laga Hoga Keh Tumari Zindagi Ban Gayi ... Mere Liye Us Baat Ki Ya Tumari Koi Ahymiyat Nahi Hai...'' Who said these words to whom and when ?
Anjali to Khushi on Heer Ranjha Day
Arnav to Khushi on Teej Day
Arnav to Khushi on Diwali Night
Akash to Payal on Diwali Night
38. When RAbba Ve full Male Version song was introduced ?
On Teej Day
During Kidnap
On Terrace, After Telling Khushi That Whyyy He Married Her
During Re-marriage Track
39. When full Rabba Ve Female Version song was introduced ?
During Taking Shelter In Hut, ArShi Coming Close
During Kidnap
After Telling Her Biggest Mistake Of His Life
During Sheetal Track
During Re-marriage Track
When Shyam Kidnapped Arnav
40. Why Lavanya back off from getting Engaged ?
Because Lavanya Got Offer For Modeling
When She Started To Understand Arnav That He Is Having Feelings For Khushi
Because She Got To Knew That Arnav Changed His Will Into Anjali's Name
Because She Wanted Arnav To Love Her

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