Land of Stories Quiz

Hello! Do you like(love) the land of stories? If so then this is the Right quiz for you! In this quiz you'll have to use a lot of the information from the books to answer these questions. No cheating please!

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Created by: Lemon Alpaca

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  1. Whats Alex and Conner's mom's name?
  2. What color is Red's hair?
  3. What I the name of the story Conner wrote that they went into FIRST.
  4. What's Froggy's real name?
  5. Who did Froggy find in the magic mirror in book six?
  6. Who are the Book Huggers?
  7. How many Ziblings are there?
  8. Who's the Zibling' s adopted dad?
  9. Who did Alex and Conner's mom get married to?
  10. What color is the Bliss Worm?

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