Kwik Kwanzaa Kwiz!

Do you know anything about the celebration of Kwanzaa? Its history? What it is? When is it? Who celebrates it? What it's about? (Most people don't!)

If you think you know a little, take this quiz to see how much you know. If you know nothing, take this quiz as a beginning point for learning about it in the future.

Created by: Kathy of Kathy's Myspace
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. What kind of holiday is Kwanzaa?
4. On which date does Kwanzaa begin?
January 6
June 13
July 28
December 26
5. Which is not one of the three Kwanzaa colors?
6. In which year was Kwanzaa created?
7. The word "Kwanzaa" is derived from a Swahili word that means _______.
First fruits of the harvest
In unity all stand
Merry Christmas
We light the candles
8. Which traditional gift would a child be most likely to receive at Kwanzaa?
a bicycle
a book
a dog
an X-Box
9. Kwanzaa focuses on the Nguzo Saba, or 7 Principles. Which is not one of these 7?
Kuumba (Creativity)
Nia (Purpose)
Matata (Circle of Life)
Umojo (Unity)
10. Which is not essential to the Kwanzaa celebration?
the kinara (a 7-branch candelabra)
the zikomba (a tree covered in lights)
the mkeka (a straw placemat)
the vibunzi (ears of corn representing the number of children in the home)
11. Which is not a part of the Kwanzaa Feast of Karamu?
Eating and drinking
Music and dancing
Breaking a pinata
Giving thanks to the Creator for the past year's achievements
12. Who or what is "Maulana Karenga"?
the creator of Kwanzaa
one of the 7 principles
the most important Kwanzaa gift
the final day of Kwanzaa

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