If you were a Demi-god, who would your godly parent be?

Ever wonder who your godly parent would be if you were a demigod? Would you be related to the lord of the sky, king of the sea, or queen of love.

Thanks to this great quiz, you can find out. The questions are deep, you can't match them to the answer. Although it's a little girly, I promise you'll be satisfied. So try it!

Created by: Ayowne
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3. You're assigned a group essay project for a history class. What are you going to do?
Take full leadership-to the point where I'm doing the whole essay. It's the only way to ensure it's perfect.
Take control immediately. divi up the work load into sections, based on the commitment and reliability of your partners
Crack open your textbook and get reading. You want to be well informed, so the leader picks you for an important job
Go with the flow, work alongside everybody else, no distinguished leader.
Hide, or try and shove off some of your work to another partner. You hate history
Try and keep the work load even. Everybody works with everybody, and if need be, you take the larger portion.
4. Prom is coming up, what are your plans?
Head of the decorations committee, I want to know exactly how this thing is going to look.
Design the lights, stage, music, everything technical, it's mine to work with
Gather a bunch of girlfriends for prep hour. We need to shine, glitter,grunge, whatever style, confidence is key.
I'm organizing everything, ticket sales, committees,DJ, theme, this has to be perfect
Ugh. I hate, hate, hate prom. I'll only going because my friends are having an awesome party afterwards.
Oh I don't know, probably grab a guy, and pick out a super unique dress. It's going to be fun, but not a HUGE deal. I'm flexible.
5. Your teacher is making you take metalworks as an elective. You have no friends in the class, but you need the grade to raise your GPA, what will you do?
Oh wow! I love the feel of metal,Hmmmm... yes this is.... Oh! If can just.... what? Time to finish already ?
Urg, this isn't my thing, I could give it a try, but metal has always been too 'dead' to me. Well, you don't learn if you don't try right?
Nu-uh. No way, if I get grease marks all over this skirt I'm ruined! Unless.... can are there any precious metals involved?
Like I would ever need to raise my GPA,hmm.. but it would be interesting to try... Maybe if I take it this summer...
Why not? I need the mark, besides, I can probably make some cool sculpture, and I can definitely make new friends.
I'm all for it! It sounds like an okay course, and I'll have time to myself at least.
6. You're going on a vacation this spring break, and you're parents are letting you have some input on where you should go. Where do you choose?
Thailand.-they have such a different culture there .And a different take on beauty, agriculture and values
Greece-learning about the mythology is so facinating, I can visit all the historical places!
Miami- I'm not one for HUGE adventure, so the States for me.
Europe-so much culture, history and art! I'll plan the whole trip too, I won't miss a single thing.
Canada - It's colder there, and we have family. I'd like to see them again.
I'm flexible-but I'd like to see some old fashioned mines. Maybe pan for gold:)
7. What do you value most of these?
Bravery and courage
Gratefulness, one needs to appreciate what one has
Passion- have feeling for what you do.
Confidence and Self Love- you can't do anything if you can believe in your self
Power- if you overpower everyone, you can't be harmed
Intelligence - Even brawn has to bow to Wisdom.
8. You have a few hours spare time, What will you do?
Practice my instruments. I want perfection.
Organize my room. It's really dingy.
Build something, draw up blueprints. I want to invent the next greatest machine.
Shower, I feel best about myself when I feel cleansed.
Run a bath, I absolutely love soaking away all my worries. Put on some soothing music... Ahhhh.....
Go and lie outside in the grass. Take deep breaths, try and soothe my mind.
9. Do you get along well with your siblings?
I don't have any. Wish I did though.
Definitely not. We fight, bicker, argue, you name it.
Yes. I love my siblings, they are my family, how could I not?
eeh, sort of. It's a love/hate relationship
I don't have any, thank gods.
10. Sombody offends you greatly, what are you going to do?
Fight them. I'll squash whoever insults me.
Refuse to co-operate until I get a reason to forgive them. I don't care how many innocent people suffer, this loser's gotta swallow his pride and apologize.
Pretend like I don't care, but secretly plot a detailed plan to ruin them.
Send it right back their way. B**ch slap them right across the mouth.
Complain to whoever is in charge, their so grounded.
11. You notice a necklace was stolen from your gym locker today, how do you react?
Ask if anyone's seen it. let's not jump to conclusions.
Complain to whoever is in charge. They'll get the thief
Bug the locker room to try and catch the thief. Then punish them in my own way.
Ask around. When I find out who took my necklace, I swear, I'll kill them
Break down and cry. That was my great-grandmother's!
Filled with rage. My necklace!
12. Magically, you are granted one wish, Besides wishing for more wishes, what do you do?
Save it for a rainy day.
Wish for more power, I want to lead the nation someday
Wish for wisdom. I want to know everything I can
Wish for an eternal feeling of Self Confidence
Wish for people to stop abusing the earth. I'll save the world.
Wish for the power to be invisible.

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