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  • this is the most stupid stereo typical quiz ever it said i was a guy girls are not people who text shop snap chat talk whatever all day (or maybe they do i dunno) i love video games and i just caught a moth yay and now its flying off

    eener9lilly Jan 7 '17, 6:05AM
  • I got a guy XD I am female

    ashycadashy Jan 3 '17, 5:31PM
  • Rate it 10

    Kamakazee Nov 27 '16, 12:24AM
  • This quiz was so basic and not even on the top 100 anymore how dissapoimting

    Favier Xavier Nov 25 '16, 6:23AM
  • This quiz needs more sponsors I will try to help

    Amakazee Nov 25 '16, 6:20AM
  • Very accurate quiz and the answers are not that sexist like the other quizzes here

    Bro Fist Nov 24 '16, 5:57PM
  • Yes you did
    Well the quiz itself was stale but all in all it is ok

    TheNeonQuizzer Nov 24 '16, 5:52PM

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