I will guess if you are a guy or a girl

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eener9lilly said:
Jan 7 '17, 6:05AM

this is the most stupid stereo typical quiz ever it said i was a guy girls are not people who text shop snap chat talk whatever all day (or maybe they do i dunno) i love video games and i just caught a moth yay and now its flying off

ashycadashy said:
Jan 3 '17, 5:31PM

I got a guy XD I am female

Kamakazee said:
Nov 27 '16, 12:24AM

Rate it 10

Favier Xavier said:
Nov 25 '16, 6:23AM

This quiz was so basic and not even on the top 100 anymore how dissapoimting

Amakazee said:
Nov 25 '16, 6:20AM

This quiz needs more sponsors I will try to help

Bro Fist said:
Nov 24 '16, 5:57PM

Very accurate quiz and the answers are not that sexist like the other quizzes here

TheNeonQuizzer said:
Nov 24 '16, 5:52PM

Yes you did
Well the quiz itself was stale but all in all it is ok

Angelica said:
Nov 24 '16, 8:24AM

The first quiz that makes actually sense and very accurate quiz deserves to be on the top 40

Elemental Face said:
Nov 24 '16, 8:17AM

Basic quiz on the top 92 well actually it really deserves to be tuere good job

Dark Blue said:
Nov 23 '16, 7:25AM

Quite true I act like a girl but who cares!

JomsTheWebMaster said:
Nov 23 '16, 6:36AM

Good just good nice job

Joms Leelin said:
Nov 22 '16, 8:23PM

WTF! So fat so far I laughed while reading the comments at the quiz but anyways sorry about that the quiz is good 7/10

Angelica said:
Nov 22 '16, 8:18PM

Yes your right the most accurate quiz so fat

Gamer4Life said:
Nov 22 '16, 7:54PM

I agree with Dark it's a simple quiz but did what it supposed to do so yeah really good quiz

Dark22978 said:
Nov 22 '16, 7:08PM

It's a simple quiz, but it isn't too bad. Actually guessed it properly, so yay, it did its intended purpose.

Shadow_ said:
Nov 22 '16, 6:52PM

No imma dude but ppl say imma girl;`(

BobTheDoctor said:
Nov 22 '16, 6:41PM

Good job for getting it right
I guess medical quiz hahaha!

Smoj said:
Nov 22 '16, 6:37PM

Yes you did
I guess more quiz like this IDk

TheStrategyGamer said:
Nov 22 '16, 6:34PM

You got it right, great job
Well I think a quiz of a popular game

Cutie_Shy said:
Nov 22 '16, 6:17PM

Did I got it right?
Any ideas for the next quiz?

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