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People can be real, people can be who they say they are, and people can date and flirt over the internet. But the whole point of this quiz was that if someone seems a little bit sketchy to you, maybe it would be best not to respond to them or try to hook up~! Because they may not be who they say they are, and anyone you chat with over the internet could possibly be a predator pedobear trying to get attention from any unsuspecting victims... Or ironically, even other predators xD Enjoy~!

This was a joke, don't report it because I said some pedobearish stuff... I understand if some pedobearish people report it though LOL. But nuuu, I am not a pedobear myself. Sadly. This was just to raise some awareness in a way that could possibly get the attention of other wippersnappers heh-heh.

Created by: tomboykaitie
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1. So, like, I’m a 40-year-old pedobear that still lives with my mom—I MEAN, I’m seventeen and sexy and I want to get with womenz *puts on cool glasses*
Oh, cool ;D
Um, did I hear that right?
Wtf man.
I'm seventeen and sexy and I want to get with the menz.
2. I’m a model millionaire… that’s why I’m on this chat site, to tell you all about it and hook up. And yes, I have proof of it—the pictures of *cough* me *sneeze* are even on Google images if you don’t believe me.
:D You can also find me on Google images.
3. …I swear, I didn’t know she was four.
.__. wut
Ah, I hate when that happens.
4. I’ve got candy~
Can I have some? ^^ (Me: Sure, get in my van :D)
I've got a knee and two fists...
5. I stalk website forums, searching for younger children, who ironically might also be grown men. What do you do? ;D
Um, none of your buisness...
Oh, let me just *blab* about what I do!
6. ~Post attractive, younger fake picture for dating website. Get one message. SCORE.
*Highfives* GOOD JOB MAN.
That's not right >.< ...
7. ~Clicks on message. It’s a man my actual age… Delete.
What in the world were you looking for? ._. (Me: yooou)
Omg, what website are you on? :D I want to send you a message you won't delete!
8. f--- pedobear =_=’ he’s stealing my thunder.
This is a pretty big hint you're not a good guy.
9. I like you. You should totally give me all of your personal information in a way that other people can get a hold of it, so that we can meet :D
Omg, yesh~! :D
10. f--- personality! If you have huge boobies, hit me up sometime ;D
I'm a man. (Me: A *ahem* young man? Yes?)
My pedobear alert went off a looong time ago.
12. If you haven’t read the description already, stop being lazy, scroll up and read it, MOFO :3
Mofo is my word, man.
Already read it.
*Facepalm* I thought you were serious D:
Good lesson >:D
Go away mister.

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