I bet you can't score more than 55%

There are many people who would say, " that's impossible . Of course I can do it .... It's so damn simple .I am a genius.what is so difficult that I can't get above 60 % ?"

So what are you waiting for ???Wanna see if you can get above 60% ?? I am betting you can't ... Of course you cant ...... Let s see if you are exceptional.

Created by: Emma 12345

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose any one .
  2. Choose any one .
  3. What is better ?
  4. Choose a name .
  5. How would you rather die ?
  6. Are you crazy ?
  7. Who is the first president of USA ?
  8. Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?
  9. Last Question............... How are you feeling ?
  10. I was lying .... Rate the quiz ...

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