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What's your personal style like? Need some inspiration on new clothes or a haircut? Our clever users have come up with some style quizzes to help you out. Find out how accurate they are by trying a few of them out!


Our Personal Style Quizzes

  • How "Basic" are you?
    [by: Amanda, rated: rated: 3.63/5, published: Oct 12, 2016]

    Do you want to find out how basic you are? Well take this quiz because it is a fun random thing to do when you're bored and yeah! I hope you enjoy! Thank you.

  • What color should you paint your nails?
    [by: xSprinkle, rated: rated: 3.51/5, published: Jan 9, 2011]

    Wondering which color nail polish to try? Answer 12 questions about yourself and you will get a recommendation that suits you.

  • Which Store are you?
    [by: rach, rated: rated: 2.98/5, published: Nov 1, 2006]

    Do you dress fashionably or are you totally clueless about fashion? This quiz will reveal the truth.

  • Are you a snob or a slob?
    [by: dancingemokid, rated: rated: 2.69/5, published: Jan 14, 2007]

    You may be a snob, or classy with grace. You may be a slob, or just an average joe. This is a quiz with a British slant.

Hair Quizzes

Find them on our Hair page.

Jewelry Quizzes

  • What gemstone are you?
    [by: Paw Prints, rated: rated: 3.59/5, published: Apr 22, 2010]

    There are several different types of gemstones and jewels. What gemstone are you? Take my quiz and find out!

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