Hunger Games Quiz

This quiz is all about the first book of the hunger games. Good luck! If you a lover of the hunger games then this should be a fun quiz to refresh your memory.

For those people who just read the books this is the test for you! And if you having only watched the movies you still have a good chance of doing well on this quiz! Good luck and may the odds be ever in you favor!

Created by: Caroline

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  1. How old do you have to be to enter the reaping?
  2. Who is Primrose?
  3. How did Katniss's father die?
  4. What did Peeta give Katniss when they were younger?
  5. When did Peeta fall in love with Katniss?
  6. Who is Gale?
  7. What is Haymitch addicted to?
  8. What is most important to Effie?
  9. How long did the 74th hunger games last?
  10. Who is Peeta's stylist?
  11. What does Katniss do when they announce the rule change in the arena
  12. Where does Katniss find Peeta?
  13. How does Rue die?
  14. What pet did Katniss get for Prim?
  15. Bonus: What color ribbon was the animal wearing?
  16. Who dies at the feast?
  17. Why does Thresh let Katniss live?
  18. What animals do the gamemakers send out for the finale?
  19. Who kills Foxface?
  20. What do Katniss and Peeta try to kill them self with?
  21. Is Katniss feeling for Peeta real or fake?
  22. Is Peeta's feelings for Katniss real?
  23. The most important question Team Peeta or Team Gale? (This question will not effect your score)

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