How West River Are You?

There has always been a rivalry between West River and East River in South Dakota. For the creator of the quiz, I'm all West River. Born and Raised. There are a few fakers, some that can pull it off, and then there are those that cringe whenever they cross the Missouri. For those of us fluent in South Dakotan.. it's a clash between Wes'triver and Eas'triver.

How West River are you? Can you say you've traveled the REAL rolling plains, through the Badlands, and into the Heart of the Black Hills? Or are you doomed to mass flooding and bad ice storms?

Created by: blkphysh
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Sturgis to you is:
A podunk little town somewhere in the Black Hills
Where they hold the Rally at.
Wild in August, calm the rest of the year.
Hey! I seen that place on COPS!
4. Alcatraz is:
The old prison in California
The little island on the southern part of Pactola
What the deuce? There ain't such a place in West River, Let Alone South Dakota...
Where half the Tribal Council should be, if it was still open.
5. 8th Street, LTA, and the Safeway Parking Lot all refer to:
Cruising in Rapid City
Crappy traffic jams, teenagers with loud crappy music, and overpriced groceries.
A road, some letters, and a grocerey store parking lot...?
3 places cops can bee seen on saturday nihgts around 11
Got killed by a bunch of Indians a long time ago.
A town often rumored to be a bunch of inbreds.
Some state park.
Hells Angels and Banditos shotting each other.
7. The Rez:
Where Indians live.
What's a rez?
8. Which is the BIGGEST West River Tourist Trap?
The Corn Palace
Wall Drug
The State Capitol
The Whole State!
9. Camp 5, East Ridge, Mill Road, Battle Creek, Ricco all refer to:
Towns in the southwest part of South Dakota
Major roads and senic routes in the Black Hills
Bodies of water
Major wildfires since 2002
10. Lemmon is:
The mayor of Spearfish
A dinky little town on the border of ND and SD
An awesome whitewater rafting place in the Hills
A fruit
11. Cascade Falls!
ONLY the best place to go clubbing in the entire friggin WORLD! And it's IN SOUTH DAKOTA
Cool sprin-fed water falls about 10 miles south of Hot Springs.
The only town in South Dakota history to be completely wiped out by a stampede of buffalo in the late 1800s
The largest waterfall in SD
12. You're driving north from Chadron on Highway 385. You get to the border of South Dakota and look to your left. The first thing you see is a:
welcome center
gas station
13. When you think of white clay, you think of
Pottery made by the tribes of South Dakota
Driving back to Pine Ridge and stopping at Big Bats for gas before you haul tail outta there
People passed out.
14. When you think Indians, you think of:
A baseball team
Feathers, war paint, and dark people wearing deer and buffalo hide
9 people crammed in an old metal clunker from the 70's
15. The state directly west of South Dakota is:
16. QUICK! Big 4 lane road, connects east to west!
I 90
I 25
HWY 385
Mill Road
17. Deadwood is:
Left after all them really big fires we had.
A show on HBO
Loaded with slot machines. Now if only the parking was as plentiful...
Where Kevin Costner set up shop because he wanted to shaft tourists too.
18. The number 2 on the licence represents what?
Pennington County
Fall River County
Minnehaha County
Bennett County
19. Which is warmer most of the year?
Sioux Falls
Rapid City

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