how well do you know zoella (zoe)

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Do you think you have studied zoella very very very well to take this quiz take it and find out hopefully you win but if you dont dont be really sad .

do you know zoe well i hope so cus this test is quite hard lets take it and find out if you know zoella or not i think i do but i dont know about you

Created by: lily

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  1. what month was zoe born
  2. what is zoes dog called
  3. when zoe got her dog off at the breeders there was 2 more dogs that 1 was called buzz that her boyfriends mum purchased what was the other one called
  4. how many guinea pigs does zoe have
  5. what year was zoe born
  6. what is zoella partner name
  7. what year did zoe start youtube
  8. what year did zoe start dating alfie
  9. name zoella best friend
  10. on a scale from 1-6 how much do you like zoella

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Quiz topic: How well do I know zoella (zoe)