How Well Do You Know Yu-Gi-Oh!

So you think you know YuGiOh!, well take my trivia quiz, and we'll see how much you know. Will you score as Tristan, Tea, Joey, Kaiba or maybe The "King of Games" himself, Yugi Moto. Take my quiz and find out.

How well do you think you're going to do,I bet you cant get 100% on my quiz. Good Luck, I wont be too surprised if you dont score high. My quiz is pretty tough, but if you can then Congratulations!

Created by: Richard of AnimaniaX
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Who was Yugi's first opponent?
Weevil Underwood
Maiko Tsunami
Seto Kaiba
Rex Raptor
4. How many Millenium Items are there?
5. Which wasn't an enemy in Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Marik Ishtar
Zigfreed Vonshroder
Aster Pheonix
Maximillion Pegasus
6. what technique did Yugi use to defeat Pegasus?
distract Pegasus with jokes and inuslts.
mind shuffle
7. During the Battle City Tournament who had Joey's Red Eyes B. Dragon in their deck?
Yugi Moto
Rex Raptor
Joey Wheeler
Rare Hunter (Exodia Deck)
8. which duelist did not have their mind tooken over by Marik and his Millenium Rod?
Joey Wheeler
Tea Gardner
Bandit Kieth
9. Which of the following fusion monsters does Yugi not need the help of another duelist to make?
Master of Dragon Soldier
Dark Paladin
Dark Flare Knight
B. Skull Dragon
10. Which of the following is not a Legendary Dragon?
11. who uses a Fairy tale deck?
Rebecca Hawkins
Leon Von Schroeder
Zigfried Von Schroeder
Mokuba Kaiba
12. In Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters, who was Yugi's first monster?
Hinotama Soul
Dark Magician
Celtic Guardian
13. why couldnt Kaiba take part of his own Tournament ( KC Grand Championship)?
he knew hed lose against Yugi again.
he didnt want to waste his time.
he gave up dueling.
he wanted to enter, but was too busy working on Kaibaland and other things to do with his company.
14. What card did Zigfried give Leon to use against Yugi?
Toon World
The Big Book of Fairy Tales
The Golden Castle of Stromberg
Card from a Different Dimension
15. who won the duel between Yugi and the Pharaoh (Atem, Yami Yugi)?
16. What does "Yu-Gi-Oh!" mean?
Get Your Game On!
Its Time To Duel!!!
King Of Games

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