How Well Do You Know Wyoming?

With only 500,000 people living in Wyoming, it can't be that hard of a state to figure out right? Well, you could be surprised and the things you didn't know about this great state.

We in Wyoming (Wyomingites) are proud to be #1 on the least populated states list. I noticed that there was no quiz on Wyoming in the states quizzes portion of, so I decided to create one. Ready to test your Wyoming knowledge?

Created by: Scott of Political Cowboy
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3. What is the largest city by population in Wyoming?
Rock Springs
4. What is the distance between Cody and Thermopolis?
84 miles
about an hour and a half
90 minutes, give or take
Why are you giving answers with time units?
73.125 miles, as the crow flies
Hello; miles per HOUR; time is obviously the supreme distance indicator.
5. Interstate 25 travels all the way through Wyoming.
Sure enough; you can go Montana to Colorado or vice-versa without leaving I-25
It kinda merges with I-90 in Buffalo, but it breaks back off in Montana
Buffalo is the end of the line for I-25; after that it's I-90 or a two lane highway
6. Interstate 80 is the only interstate in Wyoming to enter on one side of the state and leave on the opposite side that it entered.
True; I-25 ends shy of Montana, I-90 enters and leaves on perpendicular boarders
False; I-25 crosses Colorado and Montana
7. 70 miles per hour for wind speed is hardly noticeable
70? That's just a breeze. Of course it's not noticeable!
70? How could you not notice 70 mph winds?
8. Reintroducing the wolf to Central Park in New York is a good idea.
An excellent idea! There's a whole bunch in the Yellowstone area
Yea, a wolf in the middle of New York City; that's real natural.
9. When do you pack up your winter clothes?
People pack up their winter clothes?
Memorial Day Weekend
Father's Day
First Day of Spring
First Day of Summer
10. At most, how many numerals and/or letters appear in a Wyoming license plate number?
11. Wyoming as two state nicknames. What are they?
The Windy State and The Rodeo State
The Snowdrift State and The Rural Route State
The Cowboy State and The Equality State
The Clear Sky State and The Geyser State
The Geyser State and The Cowboy State
The Equality State and The Rodeo State
12. What is the Republican to Democrat ratio of Wyoming's Governors (1890-2007)?
16 (R)-15 (D)
14 (R)-17 (D)
25 (R)-6 (D)
19 (R)-12 (D)
20 (R)-11 (D)
17 (R)-14 (D)
13. From 1890-June 2007, what is the Republican to Democrat ratio of years served as Governor?
50 years, 6 months (R)-66 years 6 months (D)
60 years (R)-57 years (D)
55 years, 9 months (R)-61 years, 3 months (D)
80 years (R)-37 years (D)
68 years, 8 months (R)-48 years, 4 months (D)
40 years (R)-77 years (D)
14. What is the longest period of time any one Governor has served?
8 years
10 years
11 years
12 years
14 years
16 years

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