How well do you know Ryan Higa?

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This is a quiz to test your intelligence on..thats right! MR Higa himself! This quiz will separate the die hard higa army from the non lamps! Have a fun time and enjoy the quiz!

Take a quiz in these next 8 questions to see your results! Have a fun time and try youre best! This will show who has been with Ryan for the longest! TEEHEE!

Created by: Everleigh

  1. What is Ryans brothers name?
  2. What is Ryans best friends name?
  3. What does Ryans YouTube name stand for?(nigahiga)
  4. When is Ryans birthday?
  5. Where was Ryan born?
  6. What is Ryans dog(s) name(s)?
  7. Who was Ryan higas supposed girlfriend since 2015?
  8. What movie has Ryan higa starred in?
  9. What does Rhpc stand for?
  10. What company did Ryan higa work with to create Agents of secret stuff

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ryan Higa?