How well do you know msp?

MovieStarPlanet is an wonderfull game it has lots of ppl in it and lots of different countries etc.. but there are bad and good ppl in it is an outstamding game!

are you a great player on msp? can you answer these questions? if you know then is easy peasy lemon squeesy for you if you dont know that much maybe it might take some time for you!

Created by: leah of MovieStarPlanet quiz
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  1. where do you get to make polls and forums in msp?
  2. can we change clothes in movies?
  3. is youtube there in artbooks 2017?
  4. do we get free vip from msp? (not users or hack etc)
  5. what is my beau's latest film? ( only for us users)
  6. does holly nova have lot of clothes like pixi?
  7. what is the before theme of afro punk?
  8. can we get animations without buying while making movies?
  9. can we have more that 160 friends in level 10 as a non-vip?
  10. which users are familiar?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know msp?