How well do you know mattyb

This a mattyb quiz the cool funny talented mattyb so this should be fun and i hope you have fun whatever the score is.the next paragraph will yell you details.

So basically this is a quiz about ten questions long all about mattyb so have fun.At the end there will be a paragraph at the bottom so please read it.

Created by: Laura

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  1. What is mattyb's last name?
  2. Who was "stalking" mattyb?
  3. Who is mattyb's best friend?
  4. Has mattyb done a music video?
  5. Where does mattyb live?
  6. How old is mattyb now (2017)?
  7. Who is sarah grace?
  8. Is "live for today" one of mattyb's music videos?
  9. Is "freak" one of mattyb's music videos?
  10. Last one this is hard.did mattyb do the watermelon explosion challenge?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know mattyb