How Well Do You Know Kentucky?

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PonyAshcraft said:
Jul 30 '13, 11:05AM

91%! I know alot because I live in Kentucky and know my Kentucky history, Duh.

crazygirl4112 said:
Jul 16 '12, 4:06PM


P.S Daniel Boone had a county named after him. I live in Boone County!!!

mememe55 said:
Apr 2 '12, 7:41PM

Yay. I am the very first one to comment on this quiz, I got a 100% on this quiz. Do you know why? Because I live in Owensboro, Kentucucky. I love Kentucky. If you do not live in Kentucky, then you are absolutely crazy. Just kidding (kinda.) I am very country and I love animals and I like to climb trees and adventure out into the woods. If you like to do the same thing, then you rock. I cannot stand the city at all. L.O.L. Got to go. BYE>

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