How well do you know Hawaii?

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1. What are 3 of the 8 main islands in Hawaii?
Niihau, Kauai, Oahu
Maui, Georgia, Sydney
Molokai, Lanai, Commerce
Lakewood, Bell, Kahoolawe
2. How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet?
26. Duh!!!
3. What does Hawaii grow that no other state grows?
Green Beans
Brown Beans
Coffee Beans
4. What do the Hawaiians call Honolulu's zenith star?
5. When was Hawaii admitted to the union?
August 8th, 1979
August 20th, 1959
January 31st, 1939
Februry 10th, 1502
6. What number of state was Hawaii when it was admitted?
7. How big is the Big Island of Hawaii?
480 000 square miles across
4 038 square miles across
10 000 000 square km across
8. Which of Hawaii's volcanoes is the most active in the world?
Kilauea Iki
Mauna Kea
9. What does this island lead the world in?
Coffee beans.
Beans of all kinds.
Macadamia nuts and orchids.
Just orchids. Nothing else.
10. True or False? Hawaii has no professional football team to speak of.
11. How many counties are in Hawaii?
12. What is the majority of people in Hawaii? White or non-white?
Doesn't really matter.
Half and half.
13. Who has a higher life expectancy?
They don't live very long anyway.

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